PS4 Grapple Detach Controls

I’d just like to suggest moving the detach grapple button from down on the d-pad, to either the creep (circle button) or the sprint (L3) button as these buttons aren’t used while you are swinging on the grapple and would be far easier to press than down on the d-pad. Right now we have to do a bit of finger acrobatics to detach the grapple while still swinging forwards.


R3 either man… R3 is only used to drop items or take out of atlas…
Cough cough…
Perfect for grapple detach…

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Yep. or R3. Any of those 3 buttons - O, L3 or R3 would be better than down on the d-pad.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Having tested it again it does feel tricky detaching whilst trying to control the grapple. I’ve added a task to additionally allow L3 to detach left grapple and R3 to detach right grapple, so the controls are more in line with how they work on PC. Hopefully this will make it to testing soon. Cheers.


Thanks kerbal, I’m sure all of us on ps4 will thoroughly enjoy that change when it comes.