(PS4) Make L1 and R1 control radial switching ONLY for the associated hand

Over the course of playing, I’ve been able to adjust my settings to minimize deaths when building. The biggest difference-maker was setting the quick switching option to primary hand only, so now when I’m hanging from my left hand and switch in my right I don’t have to worry about the grapple switching. Now there’s just one remaining issue that can’t be fixed yet…

When I’m hanging with my left hand and chiseling with my right, if it’s in a difficult spot where I need to move in a certain direction and hold that position, I can’t switch from one chisel to the next without switching from the grapple too. And any PS4 builder knows how frustrating it can be to take 30+ seconds to line up the chisel with the right spot while holding your physical position in the air- we don’t want to have to drift back to hanging just to switch chisels.

I’ve had a habit since I started playing of holding L1 to switch left hand and R1 to switch right. And when I switch both, I even hold both. Can we get the option to lock that into effect so I can switch my right hand without any risk at all of switching the left?



This also affects gathering surface resources. My alts don’t have light epic so at night I hold gleam in my left hand and have to switch between axe and hammer with my right. When I’m running and hit a cluster of plants and boulders, 90% of the time I switch from one tool to the other, I put my gleam away and pull out an earthyam.

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You can do that i have it set to move my right hand items without changing the left by using the L1 and R1 just tap it instead of holding it cycles through the items in a left or right direction

I personally would disable tap to switch if that were an option. As someone said before in another post, I have NEVER tapped to switch intentionally, but I’ve died from it many times.


Are you asking for a “lock grapple while attached” option. So with this option on if the grapple is attached you cannot switch what you have equipped in that hand?

Maybe that should just be the default… seems reasonable.


That would help in this particular use case.

But, there’s a weird bug somewhere that even tho you have the settings set to only switch primary hand that once in a while it also switches the other hand which can be quite annoying…


YES. Can we PLEEEASE get a fix for this on PS4 soon? It’s a major quality of life drag. Or at least the option to disable “Spaz out and randomly switch both hands for no reason whatsoever.”

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I’ve found it happens with very subtle left stick movements, which is why it’s usually when grappling. Similarly when you’re on the ground and strafing down a row of blocks, switching between chisels. You have to consciously switch without moving.

A lock grapple option would definitely chip away at it but ideally when I hold R1 only the right radial menu would appear. Right now R1 and L1 are essentially assigned to the same function.

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Exactly this is what ive have found to be the issue

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This drives me mad. The number of times i switch from aoe to single target tools in one hand and my light or grapple is switched to food is unreal.

I see it as a reflex check, to see if i can switch back before i fall to my death


I use light source epic for this reason alone. Got so tired of going pitch black for no reason other than my character having an inventory seizure.

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