PS4 player unable to see chat replies from PC players


I’ve suspected for a while now that I’m unable to see chat replies from PC players, but now have confirmed that is definitely the case. They can see what I am saying, but I don’t see any response.

Please feel free to contact me if you want help recreating the issue or testing.

To any PC players I’ve tried to chat to or who have tried to chat to me… apologies if I seemed ignorant or weird but I couldn’t see your text!!


Probably just griefing you for being on a PS4 in the first place :wink:


I did wonder :wink:


Please explain how you determined this to be true? Very curious by this issue as I’m on PS4 myself.


Well one thing I wish the PC has that the PS4 does not have is like a console command I wish I could type /pm playername msg, but no we have a pre determined box come up of names that we are allowed to pm and I don’t understand that at all


I messaged someone through the forum after I suspected they had replied to me but that I could not see it… they confirmed that they had indeed done so.

It would be great if more people could test this cross platform to help establish how widespread the issue is!


You can pm players. So far you can click on players name in chat and choose 1 of 3 options, pm being 1 of them. Just remember, SAY,is for a general area, SHOUT, goes out to the entire planet. As for wether or not you can pm someone on different planets, have no idea.


Thank you very much


I was sure shout is just a larger radius than say. I live just outside city and won’t see text from anyone there unless I run up to the boundary, at which point text box fills up…90% of it being the local chatterbox :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you just check what your Chat option is set to within your Parental Settings?


Well I feel rather foolish now! It was indeed set to PSN users only! It isn’t something I had changed, at least knowingly. Many thanks for the assistance!


Wow chat can be controlled by parental controls for just psn? Need to check on mine now.