(PS4) Returning to sanctum while grappled lock up

This is just an FYI thread as it is causing no problems for me.

The other day I needed to log out, I was currently hanging from a rock formation by my grapple on Houchus. The timer reached zero, my character and HUD disappeared, but the game kept going and would not respond to any input. Tried to do a devlog but couldn’t open any menus. Was able to dashboard close the game and re-launch no problem.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this. Has it occurred more than once since then?

I’ll play around with it when I get home and see if I can reproduce it - will let you know =)

I’m not sure this is the exact cause. I’ve had the same thing happen to me while standing on the ground and returning to sanctum. Everything disappears and all you can really see is empty atmosphere. Only thing you can do is close the game. Ps4 also btw

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This bug has been occurred for a very long time - since the day I played in March and still now.
Its a extremly rare bug and cant be reproduced, just by “luck”

For my whole 1800hrs of gametime, I only caught it 5 times.

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Sounds like it had nothing to do with grapple, maybe a well-timed packet loss upon logging out?