Ps4 Visual Bug

Well let me show you this :joy:


Pretty common on PS4 and been logged already. Iirc it happens on PC as well but not as often.


Thanks for the video. Although it has been mentioned by other players previously, it’s always good to get a more recent video of this occurring. The video link has been added to the bug database.


I often see this in the sky in the distance on ps4.Its very common as i see this alot.I dont care though if i see it or not i enjoy the game anyway.

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Fresh images from today

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Well I play exclusively on pc and I just bought boundless recently, I am reassured to see that I am not the only one, it does not interfere with the experience of the game, thank you guys

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I get that visual all the time. When I see it I ALWAYS have to run over and see what it is.

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