PSA - Compact hard coal may be bugged and only work 1.2x speed

Update: compact coal was only working at 1.2x speed, but somehow it seems to have fixed itself and is supposed to be 3.0x.

This tastes bad, i would have much rather kept my regular hard coal with a lot less fuel availability, but nowhere is it stated you lose 1.4x speed multiplier, thats ridiculous. The difference in how much fuel you gain, though massive, just wasn’t worth it for me even with 5 titanium crucibles. Now i must double my crucibles to keep up which doubled the smelting work for myself, but i guess it wont be too bad adding another 5 minutes to set ores in crucibles when crafting times takes hours lol.

Hard coal - 2.6x multipler
Medium coal - 1.2x speed multiplier
Compact hard coal - 1.2x speed multiplier

Just fair warning for anyone that likes the short smelt times with hard coal and wanted to “upgrade” to high heat medium coal lmao

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You make a very valid point here. I don’t see the reasoning behind the reducement of cooking speed when it’s obviously the same material. Compact hard coal should AT least be 2.6 or 3.0x speed rather than the speed of a medium coal. Doesn’t make a lick of sense to me to be honest.

Would advise changing the category of this to support, sounds like a bug to me…

What its supposed to be the same or better? @Prome3us

I’m not near the game atm, but it should follow the soft and med trend, i believe they remain the same when compacted.

I was referring to the thread category, currently “general”.

I know what you were referring to but ive never made compact coal of any kind so i wouldnt know if it was supposed to stay the same or not, however ill make a support thread asking that as this is still a psa if it is a bug to not compact as of yet i suppose

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Thank you for pointing this out, I really do appreciate it

UPDATE: it was a bug, for some time it was crafting 1.2x speed but it seems to have reverted back and its supposed to be 3.0x!

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Most likely had residual heat left over from the medium coal, it will burn through that before using the new fuel.

Possibly was, however all of my furnaces were showing this and if i did use a medium coal it would have been to craft in 1 furnace. I had put my hard compact coal in first thing getting on to craft some glass and all furnaces even the 5 new ones i made were showing this