PSA: Maintenance at 2PM BST


PSA: We’re going to be offline very briefly from 2PM BST (about 50 mins from now) to release a couple of small fixes.

Shouldn’t be long, we’ll let you know when we’re back up and running

Hope you’re all enjoying farming so far!


Please give us more exotic Earthyam seeds. I went to circapous, only found 3 plants.


@Creegle look here regarding your post


Give us another L4 Lush planet, instead…


when will be the server be back on? I am itching my boundless hit :smiley:


is already being updated


is it live now?


…and we’re back! Thanks for your patience everyone, enjoy!


if I am on ps4 and updating


Oh thank you Almighty Developer SamF. God bless your heart!


its up :+1::boundless:


Loving everything, thanks so much as always! :smiley:


how dare you to move spot! :stuck_out_tongue:


no clue if was before the mini update. last night I didnt had this. good to know your limits


Ha, yes we’re not neighbours anymore I’m afraid, I actually accidentally let that beacon expire due a miscalculation, d’oh!


@SamF How do you not have gleam club? Hahahaha.


Want a spot there or same spot?
Im sure i saw you there the day before it expired O.o


That’s very kind - maybe if you’re not using the old spot I can rebuild. I don’t mind though if you want it, I’m working on a new ranch on Finata these days.

The Earthyam King of the Known Worlds, they’ll call me!


“Of the known worlds” I see what you did there :eyes:


i wil clear it for u then u can build again np :slight_smile: