PSA: Missing Worlds

Although I’m probably not the type of person who should post this, I think it’s necessary. It’s nearly every day that I see a post in which a world is “missing”. Is it shut down? Did they delete it? What happened?! You must understand that in this Pre-Alpha game, worlds will go under maintainance from time to time. On the off chance that they did delete a world, I’m sure they would make a news post or something to notify players beforehand. If your world is down, it could be like that for a couple hours, days, or longer. Just remain calm and wait it out. If it doesn’t appear for a few days, however, it may be worth noting. Anyway, I know how annoying it must be not being able to connect to a world that you frequent, but sometimes maintainance is necessary, and worlds must be temporarily taken down.

Note to devs: Perhaps there could be a display system that showed every server on the list, but greyed out the ones that were offline? I’m not sure how difficult how this would be to implement, but it would be very useful to be rid of all the “missing world” posts.


I’d be surprised if they don’t already have a system in place to see the status of servers at a glance, I’d also be surprised if they really look at it often unless somebody reports an issue. I think the best option would be a policy to PM a support ticket rather than open a support thread.

We do have a system for seeing which worlds are online. I get sent emails if anything crashes. However, I might not be at work to fix any issues we have (weekends and overnight in the UK). Sometimes, we have more serious bugs where we need to fix something to get worlds back online this can take a few days.

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