PSA: you can gather flowers for lovestruck with bombs

Bombs don’t hurt them!


Incoming patch :joy:

Can’t have flower mining that’s to OP

No, I will not stand for this. Plz nerf ASAP :rofl:

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Tossed a copper bomb, flowers disappeared without any drops :woman_shrugging: Maybe it needs enough damage to destroy the block below it?


You’re right, it does. I tried this yesterday after seeing @DKPuncherello 's post (thank you DK) and it has to destroy the dirt. If it doesn’t, the flowers go poof.

There goes my secret…
To add they grow back instant to…

Good point.
Probably bombs start destroy blocks from below so flowers are able to drop from attached ground before.

For people who are doing some scripting it is better start destroying items from above that there isn’t accidentally hundreds of objects suddenly floating on world. Has happen to me few times :smiley:


well great now the secret is out…

pretty sure this is gonna get patched.

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I don’t think lovestruck boquets are significant enough to warrant a nerf, they still have to be traded to get the hearts after all.