Public block warehouse

It would be nice to have an easily accessible area to house every available block type/color for anyone to come and collect. Looking for a decent builder or two that want to help out, and also trying to find a good uncluttered area near a capital. US server preferred.

I have a rough idea of the interior layout, but no clue what to do with the outside of the building at this point.


i would love to, @Apocalyptica - do you want to do it in Lapas? we have a nice market we are setting up near the capital :smile: i will be on tonite

perfect, I’ll join you there later and figure out a good spot.

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just message me here or in steam (are we steam friends?) so we can plan on a time :doug:

I’ll help where and when I can

Thanks but its mostly done already other than tweaking the shelving layout and bringing in a few more blocks. Anyone who uses it - just try to replace any blocks you take with infinite blocks ( i ). Right now they’re ordered by id# instead of color just to make upkeep easier.

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Looks down at the ground, hands in pockets, kicks pebble over

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aawww sorry you missed it… :nysad: there is always more fun stuff to build!! :doug: