Public group T6 forging materials run [this Friday! 20:00 UTC] Everyone welcome!

i do a few test runs and now i want to test it with more people…
you want to help active, than you need
a maxed silent hunter
a dmg 8 range slingbow for the test planets

you want to earn money, than you need
luck maxed,
epic gatherer
loot stick will be usefull

more infos in a few hours…

got some more useful tipps, post it here…

how we gonna do it

silent hunters in the front, other peoples follow with a few meters behind the silent hunters…

move forward when silent hunters move forward, look out 4 hoppers while silent hunters kill the road runners…

hope to see some intrested people…

c. u.


Thats a great Idea i would Like to BE Part of IT AS a Hunter If possible. When could IT start ?

Great idea!!

pls close n delete this one too…

I don’t think it’s useless, this is the first I’ve seen of it but I think this is a great idea!!
Would love to take part if it does go ahead.

Would be great to get these things into the economy in large quantities

If you set a date and time I’m sure people would be interested!

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Good thinking.

I do it solo sometime
Just before lovestruck event I went to Mckrib with my shadow hunter and went after hoppers and oort birds only. Ignored meteorites and other mobs most of the time. Also added orbs gathering to it.


one more try, again…
this friday 20:00 utc
means in Germany 21:00 uhr
pls post the real time from your country here, that no one gonna miss it

and make it public, everywhere!!! (this hunt)

post it in your towns
post it in your malls
mobilize your new players,
tell your friends,
post it in all guild chats.

cancel that regular meteor hunt on friday…
make your guys understand that they have to do something for forged stuff…

support your forgers!!!

i like to see EVERYONE… really everyone…
doesnt matter if u like me or not :slight_smile:


So 6pm UK time I believe?

I may be a little late but I’ll do my best to get there!!

@DrCyanide or @Damagekai are you guys able to put a !hunt notification out on discord? If so could you do one for this on Friday? See if we can get people to join in

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?? 18:00 allways is meteor hunt. friday is dr Dead day.

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I understand the Post not.

Call a t6 meteor hunt and you becom ehnoug forging stuff

@Damagekai : es geht darum vermehrt auf federn und hopper zu gehen, weniger auf Meteoriten und oort…

Ah, maybe @Marcello666 we could push this to 8pm so 2 hours later, then it doesn’t clash with the meteor hunt?

Then people from the hunt could join too

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shure, we can do this…
so utc 20:00
mez 21:00

Wouldn’t it be 20:00 UTC?
If the hunt starts at 18:00 UTC I think it lasts 2 hours usually

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I’ve changed the title of the topic so that this isn’t confused with a meteor hunt!

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ahh sry. the meteor hunts that i know starts normaly 18:00 mez…
17:00 utc… thats my fault…

so i changed it again… :slight_smile:
to 20:00 utc
21:00 mez


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Yeah I think that’s right!
I hate time zones! So confusing haha.

Hopefully someone won’t mind doing a hunt notification for this still, we really need something like this!

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This is the reason we need in game server time shown, so you can mention game time and everyone would be seeing the same time meaning no confusion


Ja schon klar aber du bekommst viel mehr dropps vom meteor hunts, ausser Federn.
An t6 hunts immer 20 - 30 Hopper cores

Naughty hosts daily at 17:00 UTC. :blush: Even on a T5 planet you get a good amount of forging mats… :blush: On SERP hunts I usually come away with a bunch. :blush: