Public market at EU Therka - Come and join us!


The spot is available for whoever wants to claim it for his/her shop.

@Pseudonym84 - Not building yet, gathering resources for my next big project :wink:

@Arkefyre - Talked to you already ingame. Let me think about it ok ?


Hi all,

The spot where my shop was has now been claimed by player ‘sweetpotatoe’.
I helped him claiming the area and I look forward to see what he will make of this place.


Here… @Heureka i came from the past…what did happens??? who is all this people at the market? Where do they came from??? :open_mouth:

I was looking for my land thinking i was in other place…just wow!!! what an amazing place is and lot of new people and awesome stuff…

Well not awesome the blue huge incomplete one with no walls that blocks my entire entrance now. But as for the rest…wow!!!

See you guys ingame!


Welcome back :slight_smile:


Ah, the founder! You’ll be pleased to know that Therka Market is thriving. People come and go, but the place keeps on getting bigger!


@Heureka @Pseudonym84 amazing and yess!!! Thank you guys hope to see you bouth ingame! :heart_eyes:


I’m interested. I came to Therka through the portal at Pixel Gate. Is that your market I saw when i arrived?


It is the therka market indeed


So how do i go about setting up shop?


Set anywhere free really


Market is that where is 2 large looking gates without portal and 2x 6 block size portals and only one is working ?


Sounds great


This is market.


Pretty hard to miss.


Ive been there. Quite nice. How many active players in the community?


you’ll find anywhere from absolutely nobody playing in the game anywhere near you and you will succumb to loneliness and despair, all the way to like 20 people at the same time.

the actual community is probably around 50 people strong, something like that. not everyone is on all the time, not everyone is on the forums, etc.


Some new shot.


I made a shop that buys things for brews then sell the brews

On @oTBonEo’s Castle at near 1285 86 1950


If transfer pipes were in te game where anytime something was added to the container it would zoom to where it’s connected I would love it


I expanded the road behind my shop today, forking to aurient’s shop and ending at Chrhel’s tower.

People can add their own shops along the road (where possible) mostly as they please; I can alter the borders to make them fit your shop, if you add one here.

The screenshot was taken from @Elyasylum’s* overlook.