Public market at EU Therka - Come and join us!


Rip cool tree house :cry:


The treehouse is moved behind the mountain (the way trough the tunnel).

I made a new shop! Selling for example cloth for 5c or Ancient Tech Fragment for 10c.


I had nothing to do, so i started a rework of the desert tunnel.


Is there a plan for all the doors in that tunnel? Is that for anyone to pick up and build?


I love all of these build projects! I’ve got an itch to start another large project that I can’t scratch right now, so I’m living vicariously through your builds :smile:


It started as a shortcut to the desert on the other side the mountain.

The doors was just decoration, but it ended up as a easy way for ppl around to dig in to the mountain and get materials.

The doors will not be locked, so its just to pick a door and see what you find.

The machine hall i built will probably be dumped soon, i never use it, i like my old non-claustrophobic better, and the plots are better used on other places.


Is it too obvious now who lives here? :laughing:

… and the inside…


Love it!! :+1:


If i get some plots over some rainy day, i maybe start prolong the road from the tunnel, your way.


Drichter and I are over here on Berlyn testing ideas and design at Havok’s Township, but I would love to come build near you guys too if you are interested in my rainbow bridge and Drichter’s ziggurat projects. :slight_smile:


You are welcome :slight_smile:


Some new buildings.

Its growing.

View from tunnel entry to the desertside.


I have renovated my shop. It’s now The Temple of Sith! :smiley: I love ancient and mystical things. It’s still not finished but ready to look.

Come to my shop and buy something, the pyramid shines already from a far distance.

What I sell (just a few examples):

  • Cloth = 1c
  • Iron Tools = 75c
  • Refined Gleam (White) = 5c
  • Refined Gleam (Blue) = 20c
  • Refined Gleam (Red) = 50c

If the prices are too high (or too low) :wink: then just write a reply here or a message via forum pm/steam (Steam name: DarthNott - you can add me if you want). :slight_smile:


So. Much. Red. :sunglasses:


What’s a planet without a Red Light District :laughing:
I like it!


Wow !! soo many new awesome things to see here :heart_eyes:


thanks to whoever had the gold up for sale. bought three at 300ish each so i could finally go farm ruby


I’ve just found this place, it looks amazing, great jobs guys. The tree house looks particularly good.

Only met 1 other guy and he was a brand new player started an hour ago, now I think I’m stuck in some mini ice maze thing lol.

Edit: Thanks Wichall but I finally made it out :slight_smile: But I guess this confirms my fears I play too late for the Euros with no-one being about here.


Haha I’ve been stuck in there, go back to sanctum and use the e key on the warp portal to bump out