Public market at EU Therka - Come and join us!


Haha @Heureka your maze has too many tricks, even the gleam fools you lighting wise!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey guys! :slight_smile: just started playing after a year break and found so many awsome things introduced - cool!!!
all your screenshots look great and I started working on my own little kingdom on Therka - finding it hard to find gold though - any helping hand out there?

atm I’m trying to build a settlement made of a wooden residence and gardens plus a bridge over a lake to a mountain where I started creating a little Moria-like place where I placed all my machines so far - I might add some screenshots later when I find time - dont expect anything mindblowing just yet as Im using basic materials :wink:

off to explore south towards the desserts and whereabouts

EDIT: I found some gold!! uff… btw, can anyone tell me whats that tiny cube-shaped object in the screenshot below?


It’s a spitter shot. They should disappear instead of staying there. It’s been logged as a bug.


ah, who would think creature’s spit could have decorative qualities :stuck_out_tongue:
thank you for quick answer

and here’s some of my builder’s work: 1. production line in the main hall inside of a mountain; 2. entrance to the location in the mountain with a tower; 3. view from the tower seen in the second picture (you can see a bridge over a lake leading to the second location where I started building a residence with gardens)


For the life of me I can not find this. Been using the coordinate thing. I’be been to 1250 90 -1850 and can’t find it


Ive been there last night - you can hardly miss the big blue spire from far:grin:

make sure you stay on top of hills when approaching and you will see it - I spotted the spire from a few hundred blocks. Theres a lot of gleam used in buildings too there - you can see blue glow on top of a mountain by the spire as well.

this is a shot from close but you can see this from far really - including the blue shiny structure on the mountain ahaed


Yeah, the blue tower is very visible from afar, that’s how I found the market, there’s also a big red gleam building on the side of a mountain to the east of the market to head towards if you can see that, then you should see the blue tower from there.

There’s quite a few people moved in out the back of the market, so through the big desert tunnel with all the doors is quite a populated area with builds. I’ve not seen so many people about though apart from Pharaoh.


Perks of living beside The Pharaoh :smiley:


Its 1250, x, 1870, so you are probably at other side of therka.


Building a road under the bridge


Multi story shopping centre, I love it :slight_smile:

I must try and finish my booth and make it look pretty when I stop being lazy.


which one is yours? I’ve seen a lot and I must say I am impressed by all the different designs and ideas - the place look really cool - can’t wait to see more players coming to play the game so walking around locations like this is a really buzzing experience :sunglasses:


Is this city still alive? allot of houses but no people around:S


I met Heureka today :slight_smile:


Its not so much a city as a marketplace.
Many of the shop-owner live in other spots, coming from time to time to fill up the stores and grab the cash.


so, is it ok if I build somewhere there? and on what rules? I wouldnt want to ruin someone elses plans - is bringing own beacon the rule or would you be adding me to your beacon so I can add some plots etc?


You are free to build where you want, where there is free spaces.
I only beaconed the road and bridge, rest is up to you. :slight_smile:
If you want to extend the roads, its ok to.


Mines crappy black stone totally unfinished with no plinths right now lol

As you look down from the desert corridor it should be the last one on the left.

I heard the rules were to only take up 2 plots worth along the road to give everyone an equal chance and decent space for everyone?

Edit, OMG, I am not the last plot any longer, 3 or 4 more people have moved it, how wonderful!


Yes, it was from beginning when building at the roads, so i think it still so. It looks like all follow it so far.
It start to get full at the road, but i am out of plots so if someone want to build more roads, its ok.

If you want me to remove the black stone with torch on, in front of your build, just tell me.


@Heureka I made mutli a storey shopping centre first dammit! :stuck_out_tongue: