Public market at EU Therka - Come and join us!


It’s not a shopping center as much as a market quarter :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there a location marker for Andoweem in the market?


Its not a competition. we need more stores all over :slight_smile:


@Dr8cK0 I can’t remember the name but someone has location markers to a lot of different planets for 27 coin each - I brought some last night.

It’s the first stall after the crossroads as you come down the hill from the desert cave, lots of gold in the build. I’ll check for the name later when I have a little time.


@AnnieGYG thanks for the info, I will go and check it out.


Unless there sold out I am selling markers to all the worlds at my shop. I am on vacation but will restock in a few days.


Thank you @Jeffrotheswell, I grab one earlier today.


Lots of new buildings.

And new roads.

And a new tunnel under @SpiritMIA building.


Thanks to @Vollmilch and @Jeffrotheswell the underground road is complete

And some shot from @Elyasylum tunnel and bridge.


I have a little more finish work to do on my section.


Hah! Come one come all. New places where you can put up plots for shops are now available!


I will not lie, I’ve been down the huge slide a few times as it’'s fun!

But yeah, the market is really coming along and it’s great practice for town building when 1.0 hits.


I love the place!! I have visited Dragons Watch and although its impressive I like Therka Market more (dragon statue aside - that one is a masterpiece!!)


As requested by @Heureka I got my huge telescope out. The marketplace looking awesome and getting so big!


Step right up, only the finest of English goods available.

Sadly beer and fish and chips aren’t available in game. Hopefully they will be eventually :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Many thanks :slight_smile:


New shops.

On the desertside, it looks like a big ent.

@PharaohNai building big :slight_smile:


The shop is up top(will add new plinths), this new part downstairs will be where I will set up my portals as I know they will be big and very tall :grin::grin::grin:


made me think about this :joy:


I think i take down the ice tower/maze to, its nice spots for a row of portals.