Public Mine Near Aqua


Ok so as the short video explaines, this was planned as my shortcut home if you Aquatopia guys hate it please let me know and we can sort something out @the-moebius

free public mine - i take ZERO coin-fall - + free Grapples


Co-oords of mine (if portal is moved/closed = 1,338N 1,368E ALTITUDE 76) Solum


why would people be upset lolz you openend a public mine
great :smile: i would add prestige to get footfall why would ya not?
like the video great job :smile:
could be a futur article in the aquazine :slight_smile:
Hear ye! Hear ye! AQUAZINE - Boundless' first newspaper. Get it now!


well i just didn’t know what you had planned for that strip… it looks like there was something going to be planned for that area?

And as you are the mayor/warden of Aqua and no one was around to ask at the time, this is the reason i mention it here.

Basically i just wanted to make sure i was not stepping on anyone before i finalized things :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:


ah thats not a road from aqua its a road from that base ill send you owners contacts hes friendly guy
the spot is a bit out off the way we can always find ya a better spot
but out off the ways has also its charms it makes people travel roads in aquatopia
instead off just portal hopping by


thats a great idea… i will mine tomorrow Before i move it (need to get those coins again to afford more shards)

No hassles for me - you know i love to mine :wink:


thats what footfall does nice build and portal give prestige game rewards ya with coin for the visitors that use it you refund coin into the portals

thats how my hubs work :smile:

making footfall is defenitly not a bad thing
see it as a reward for your eforts
prestige is something you build up
thats how you become city our capital
to raise the footfall in your area


Oh i see i got competition eh @the-moebius. well i better open my other 12 portals soon :sunglasses:


oh its on @Rumplypigskin :stuck_out_tongue: