Public poll of Tool Use

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Dear Community,

You Rock!

But seriously…
What tools do you use and the most often? There are a million possibilities…(probably more) but I’ve selected some of what I think are common application tools. I have made a few assumptions to limit the list, such as I assume everybody would like durability unless you have a specific set of 3 boons.

If you think I blatantly missed a tool you use all the time, Please let me know!

  • AOE Metal tools
  • AOE Gem tools
  • AOE Stone tools
  • Ease (less energy) tools
  • Quick tools
  • Magnet tools
  • Loot sticks
  • Building hammers
  • Stone Chisels
  • Metal Chisels
  • Gem Chisels
  • Metal Spanners
  • Gem Spanners
  • Liquid Breaker
  • Liquid Solidifier
  • Metal bows
  • Gem bows only
  • Auto Door Spanner
  • Single shot Axe
  • Single Shot Shovel

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I ask because I run a forge shop and im looking to selectively expand my offerings.


For braking mass block I use a diamond AOE hammer, axe, or shovel. For everything else I use a wayfarers totem.
And every chisele. I burn threw them like crazy.
The things I find that sell out the fastest are healing bombs, auto door, lattice, and my cheep loot/light sticks.
Durability chisele’s are the bomb add light and you have the perfect chisel.


I kinda thought that too. So glad you confirmed my beliefs! Im def developing a chisel stand…

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Tough as nails iron fist with auto harvest- an essential addition to any solo hunters arsenal.


I used to be a “forge for myself Dura tools” guy, but then I tried a speedy diamond hammer with a starberry pie… I ran out of mountain before I got bored and fell in love with speed :frowning:


I use the following all the time:
Exploring: Single shot Gem Axe +Glow/DMG/Mag, paired with Emerald Grapple +Max Length
Mining: Single shot Gem Hammer +Glow/DMG/Mag, paired with AOE Ruby Hammer +DMG/Dura
-Have to use a brew for T7 anyway and Ruby is faster than diamond
I use Gold/Titanium versions of these 2 setups for building/mining on my homeworld, usually with just +Mag instead of dura to save mats.


#1 Gold Fists = max range, CH, CD, DMG
#2 Metal & Gem shovels & axes for gathering = speed, AOE ( I usually look for low dmg so it doesn’t break the ground before I gather the item)
#3 Gem 3x3 AOE hammers

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I tend to use unforged Diamond Tools (hammer, shovel, axe, slingbow) because that’s the best I can craft. If I stumble across a good deal on an AOE tool, I might buy it and gain some brief pleasure but I generally don’t have the GP to buy them for everyday use.

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Wood AOE axes are great for harvesting crops quickly and they don’t break the surrounding blocks.


That’s Clever…

The hammers i look for the most are t-6 aoe diamond with close to max durability and the action speed quirk.

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would love to see more emerald grapples…

use speedy-as-poss, high damage aoe diamond hammers, shovels , axes.

this…hard to go back to anything else


why “gem bows only”? I picked it but it’s really mostly gem bows - I still use metal ones on lower tier worlds;

also - no fists in there to vote for is a miss!!

otherwise cool and interesting poll :sunglasses:

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I selected gem but also use titanium forged shovels would maybe use metal if I could get them but I’m not a forger so I don’t know about effectiveness etc

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I thought there might be some people who refuse to use a metal bow.

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what i meant is why there is no: 1. metal bows 2. gem bows (both meaning I use those the most but not exclusively) and then 3. gem only (for those who don’t come back to metal after reaching gem tier)

there could also be “metal only” answer for the players that didn’t reach higher level of tools yet

but all in all it’s a good poll and I don’t want to make it sound like it’s complaining: you did a massive job putting so many options together (it’s easy to miss something or even argue which options are needed/not needed)

big thumb up in general - I enjoyed answering and checking how others voted

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I sell forged fists, good stats, damage, crit effect and dura and they don’t sell

Well, I make my own iron and buy gold sometime. They last forever.

Yeah mine are gold, so with the dura they will last an age and they’re only 3999c and I’ve sold one in a month

Uhhh my daily tool would be a max glow/loot water breather totem with a revive for when someone dies. I noticed you missed glow and water breathing