I think that this game could benefit from a Pulverizing machine.
Some recipes could be bark from trunks,
stone or rock to gravel,
gravel to sand,
more leaves from shovel harvested plants at the cost of spark,
higher tier power and spark recipes could turn raw ores and gems into powdered forms as a doubling mechanism, finalizing in the compressor or furnace accordingly.
Could also function at a disposal for unwanted blocks and items, maybe giving some form of reusable material like scrap.

Edit: the Stone to gravel to sand has an added benefit of letting the players use more of the color palette you gave us. The benefit being that any stone color would also be available as gravel and sand. Additionally, that sand crafted with some grass seeds could lead to dirt, and that dirt crafted with a bucket of water could be mud

Edit #2: the disposal part doesn’t actually make sense for the UI design, maybe this machine would function more like the centraforge, maybe the machine runs on scrap and that’s how it pulverizes things. And the more scrap content it has, the more effective the process is.


I see someone has played with IndustrialCraft 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


And thermal expansion, which I definitely preferred. However definitely think this could be a good machine for the game, regardless of where the idea came from. XD


+1 this, And yes, feeling the MC mod influence here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Although I’d be happy with a trash can at this point honestly, I don’t like having to just find a discreet place to dump things.


I usually go to a hub to toss my stuff. In hopes someone who needs it gets it.


I’m a class a hoarder a lot of the time. The bits that irritate me is when I’ve got like… I random coloured grass seed or dirt block from randomly fisting the wrong thing.

There are so many things wrong with that post…