Punishment for name shaming


5 chances sounds awful generous, and I dare say it would encourage people to ignore the rules. That being said, in the past people who don’t know the rule are more than understanding enough to not do it again. What do you do when the person is clearly not ignorant of the rule, and chooses to ignore it anyway? I feel like such a situation would merit much sterner reactions.


I really don’t agree with 5 chances, it has been kind of proven by Riot games, that if someone doesn’t reform after the 3rd punishment, they are not going to reform

And I strongly agree with Riot’s system for it


However for boundless, Chat restriction would need to be replaced by something else, Warnings for an example

But at the end of the day, it is up to the devs to decide how to handle all of it.


I was being generous more so for the “new” players who don’t understand the rules at first. If do the same trolling (blocking/enclosing) first a warning, 2nd sense know what you did 4-6 month ban. 3rd year ban. I’m not mean I’ve messed up in my life but “kid” playing the game may not truly understand them. May be first mmo game. If devs can truly see all actions than should be able to see if being a troll or a kid just playing the game.


I don’t feel the rules are that complex to be honest.

Be respectful to other people, and Most people will be ok.

And for the player who made a honest mistake and didn’t know, that is what warnings are for and why most GMs don’t go right to banning unless it is extreme.


Anyone able to shed light on what happened to those players? The trolls from the quebec mall and illuminaughty situation? Did they get punished or just had there plots removed from mall and city. Because what they did to ginabean was cruel.


That all seems right in line with the CoC as it stands. So, responding to harassment with harassment doesn’t make it right, it just results in additional disciplinary actions. I think that’s as fair as it gets.


I feel you should ask the victim himself or herself about that, Even if I knew, Which I don’t. I would not feel like I am at liberty to say. It would be up to the victim to decide if she and/or he wants to tell you the full details what happened. and that is if the devs even told him and/or her the full end result of the situation. As the devs might want not want to state any other punishments that were given to any select player.


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Ok than why do you still hear the same people doing the same stuff sense ps4 release but haven’t been perm banned? Or at least twice if remember right but just deleted the plots didn’t ban them?




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