Q about opening a new portal

If that’s the case it proves my point about his horribly these objectives are written.

It should say to choose a world you haven’t visited and choose a warp destination.

It just says to choose a destination.

HORRIBLE game design. Again

Now I have to find a planet I’ve never been to and hope that visiting it will let me complete the objective.

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I don’t know why you bother playing this game, you’re incredibly negative about it most of the time, and rude to people who try and help you.


Nope :slight_smile: He’s being perfectly precise. It helps eliminate where people might struggle. Don’t forget the game is catering for a wide range of ages and familiarity with gaming; and also language differences. It certainly makes me less complacent when trying to explain something! LOL

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It will not show as name of that planet, it will show up 7nder locations as something like “warp location”

I agree the game is incredibly unclear in regards to its objectives, the chosen wording. But, I tend to think the dev’s have done this purposefully, not being clear and concise. I don’t care for it myself, but ehh, to each their own. ex. Chard infusions, 8m not in game, referring to the single crafted chard that requires 2 of each chard to create. In its description it reads “it has it uses”, similar attitude in description of compact silt, WTH? Their game, their choice, but not all will see the humor