Q: What server configurations will be available for Boundless?


Well then, what comes for the official private servers’ policies, I think you should have two different policies, one for choosing the access(allow anyone or deny everyone, with token system to allow exceptions) and other to allow or deny building(which could also use the token system). Possibly a third one for resource collecting.

As for the resource influx from the private worlds, I think the world builder would have to have option to build either official or custom world, where official worlds would have a certain rule set that would have to be fulfilled for it to be viable to be part of the official game(so you couldn’t make world that only consist valuable resources). Or you’d fill out a form with the specifics for the world and then the developer team would make it(you’d choose the color pallet, you’d choose couple resources and a brief description what the terran should look like).


I agree, I think we all knew we were talking about Official Private.

This seems overly complicated as I’d like to just say “use a whitelist for all permissions”. But I guess if @Vastar’s concern that 50 worlds is too few and people must have equal access to see all the different permutations world builder (and those who use it) can come up with is something that needs to be considered then maybe having three different permission types that can be set per user (or user group to keep things slightly more simple, similar to minecraft server perms?) is a fair way to go about it.

This seems like a lot of work for the already small dev team and people who want to delve into world builder a bit more in-depth would probably complain, so the first option is likely to be the one that’s considered.


I guess my explanation wasn’t clear enough, but the permission management would be done in-game and it would have drop down menu or selection box to cross to allow or deny everyone, if you have denied permission for everyone a token inventory would be present to allow exceptions(this game doesn’t load essential files to user computer, so you should forget Minecrafts’ multiplayer when discussing about official servers, the self hosted servers will be more like to the Minecraft type multiplayer ie. playing around with configuration files and such).

I know and that was mostly an alternative for people who don’t have access to world builder(unless everyone will have access after the game releases, not just who bought to adventurer or above).


I don’t understand why the idea of configuration should be forgotten. Where the information is saved matters far less for forum conversations than does the discussion of the idea of configuration of permissions for Official Private servers and how it will work (at least in my opinion). When I had previously thought of Official Private servers I’d figured they’d just use tokens and only let people with tokens go to those world. But the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of having like a world beacon in which you can allow different players to gather resources, to place beacons, etc. I’m guessing this is what you meant by “token inventory”?

Oh, I guess my assumption was that they’d allow you to load a world builder file or give you an option to use a randomly generated world. But the latter could get messy and be unappealing.


What? Why? Who cares as long as it’s running standard game content? This is game breaking. I literally bought this game because I was told that this would not be the case, and that private servers would be able to connect to other servers as long as they did not run custom content. If owning a private server, (that is, one not being rented from the developer) and having it not be able to connect to other servers is the case, then I would like a refund. I have no intention of playing this game if the content I bought it for will not exist. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Why are the developers reversing their decision, and if they aren’t, why weren’t their intentions made clear until now?


Ehhm… I want to say you are over reacting but i guess that makes sense.

That is sort of the point of private servers as far as i understood, it allows for people to make wacky servers with all kinds of mods and special rules. I also reckon that if people could just make constant private servers connected to the main game it would quickly become a massive cluster.

Where? Im curious. where? I have heard them talk about ented servers which is allowed to run on the main servers, but i never heard them talk much about privately hosted servers.

I think its more like you assumed something which wasnt the case, again from the very start they talked about having the main server and having rented servers.

From what i have gotten you want to have full power over a server FOR FREE while having it connected to the main server, with the argument “but it would be just like the main game”. I am quite curious as to why you want to be able to host the server then and have it connected if it is just like the main game anyways? I can only think of two options

  1. you want to add a custom world
  2. You want to abuse the system

If it is 1 then you can still get it by paying. If you dont want to pay you can just play on the main server. or play disconnected on your own server which seems to be free. You cant save the cake and eat it at the same time.


I think they’ve been pretty clear about it. If you want to be connected to the online game universe, the server must be hosted by Wonderstruck (i.e. so that they can manage game balance and uptime).


First of all, I don’t appreciate the accusation that I want to “abuse the system”. Just because you don’t understand where I’m coming from is no reason to be belligerent. As for “[getting] it by paying”, that’s not what I want. If I’m paying for something, it’s not free to play is it?

I do want to have my own server, so that I can name it, and my friends and I have a place to gather. I wanted to be the first on a server. I don’t like it when I log on a server and building has already started. I hate the feeling of being late that comes with that kind of experience. That’s why I wanted to build and maintain a server with my own time and money. Just because I want a server, doesn’t mean I want it to be private though. I want my world to be open to others so that anyone playing the basic game can come and enjoy it, and hopefully have fun with my server. Is this unreasonable?

Also, for the record, nothing was assumed. As a matter of a fact, my very first post ever on these forums was to try and find out if this would be possible.

See here for relevant information:

Once again, to reiterate:


But they DON’T have to be hosted by Wonderstruck. Wonderstruck can simply update the client via automated downloads. That plus coding that states portals only connect to worlds running the same build of the game means that technically, anyone, anywhere is capable of running a server.


Your two quotes combined show you where you’re wrong. In the first quote from James he says [quote=“CommissarMouse, post:28, topic:3892”]
Private Oort Online Worlds: Player created private (and semi private) worlds. We will host these for you and run the vanilla Oort Online game logic.

And then the second quote from James talks about the old plan for subsets of these Private worlds.

It’s always been the case that private servers connected to the universe will be rented from the devs.


The only difference here is who is hosting/paying for it. The rented servers will help pay the company to keep development happening and servers maintained as the game as pay to play. But presumably if you rent a server you’ll have first access and you’ll be able to name it and have fun with your friends still.


Not at all accusing you, merely exploring possiblities :grinning:

Interestingly enough the thing you linked to also clearly states

Let me try to put this as simply as possible.

Private Oort Online Worlds: Player created private (and semi private) worlds. We will host these for you and run the vanilla Oort Online game logic. You craft and sculpt the world. You control access. Your world. Your rules.

Official = Main universe
Private = Servers hosted by wonderstruck, which you pay for
Independent = the servers You host

So i was right.

Everybody makes mistakes, but making a mistake like this and then start raging because you refuse to admit you made one? Thats kinda sad…

Atleast now you know, if you ask kindly you might be able to get a refund, though i would hope you dont. Accept your mistake and lose the price it cost you.

I get you more now, it sounds like you want a free private clubhouse for your friends and you. again you can get that you just need to cash up.

Remember that the game is buy to play and that rented servers are some of the things which will pay the costs of the game :grinning:


Right, but I’ve already paid for the game. I don’t want to pay monthly fees. No monthly fees is one of the reasons I chose this game over any other MMO. If they wanted a constant source of income, then they should have asked for subscription fees. I’m sorry, but I still see no reason to pay for something every month that I can do for myself, and only pay for once.


If someone else is running it for me, it’s not privately owned, therefore it’s not private.


I don’t know what to tell you man. If you’re not planning on getting a rented server then you can play on public servers or get an independent server. This is not the developers faults, rented servers have always been the plan.



Yep, you paid for being able to play on the main server

You dont have to. you can play the entire game for free and even host your own independent servers where you can do whatever you want! what you cant get for free is to be the surpreme overlord over a server connected to the main universe :grinning:


No, I paid for an account to access the game.


Which you got. Case solved.


Why are you so angry?



Guy finds one post which he doesn’t actually read closely. Buys the game, notices half a year later that what he didn’t read actually didn’t say what he thought. barges in on forums demanding that he should be treated as a special snowflake. Gets destroyed by evidence using the same source he posts. and then still keeps posting.