Q: What server configurations will be available for Boundless?


Some clarification from @james would definitely be much appreciated. Especially because the information in this post suggests that it´s going to be like you imagine it while the information on the homepage suggests that it´s going to work like @Stretchious suggested:


Yep, whereas I’m interpreting “access to permissions” to mean permission to enter world, permission to destroy blocks, permission to do x, permission to do y. Sort of like minecraft perms, which someone yelled at me for mentioning. We’ll just have to wait and see.


Just a bump to see if we can learn anything else about the accessibility and configuration of said accessibility for Official Private worlds.


I hate bumping things, but I’d love to see a response at some point in the near future and I don’t want this thread to be lost.


Hey @Clexarews. I’ve looked at this thread a few times and not really been totally sure what the question is. However, as you’ve bumped it a few times let me try and answer a few questions. (And hopefully that’ll do the job!)

Block colour customisation will definitely be possible. It’s something that is already exposed into the game and the next World Builder update even takes this a step further.

In addition to this we want to include a controlled but worthwhile customisation of resources. We want resource distribution to vary per biome and per world. If resources were distributed in a unified way there would be less reason to go off exploring. We want certain worlds and certain biomes to be known as target rich environments.

However, even with this customisation it will still be balanced. Resources will be traded off.

We also plan to tweak the resource re-generation as we think this is an essential part to balancing the economy. If something is becoming a little too common and the trading value is zero we can adjust the flow of assets into the economy.

There are a few usage patterns that we’re planning for:

  1. Closed Private World: players who want a genuinely private (or safe) environment. We’ve been contacted by a few parents who want a protected world for their families to play within. This is best solved by a whitelist of users with access to the world.

  2. Open Private World: players who want an open connection to the main MMO, but want to control who can build, place beacons, the biomes in the world, the resources, where portals are, spawning options, etc. This will allow players or guilds to create and customise their own space.

Ultimately we want players to be satisfied with their playing style, whilst still encouraging a high degree of connection - after all it is an online game.

But something to think about is, if ‘foreign’ players can’t really do anything on your open private world - why would they come? We want to foster reasons for travelling, maybe it’s trading, maybe it’s seeing your awesome constructions, maybe it’s your space zoo, maybe they want to pay to use your awesome crafting rig? So our ambition is to encourage open worlds, whilst still enabling players who prefer closed worlds.

Note - the difference between Closed Private Worlds and Open Private Worlds is potentially best described as Closed has a whitelist, Open doesn’t.

Does this give some clarity? If not, I’d be happy to answer some more direct questions.

Finally, I’m going to contact @CommissarMouse directly to understand exactly what they’re after.


It was a long debate cause by a somewhat poor use of phrasing

he read “private worlds” was connected to the main server, however what you call private worlds was the worlds hosted by you (really think that is is a poor choice of words, you should really call it rented instead)


As long as I can set a spawn and prevent people from placing Beacons, I’m happy. Not about to let freeloaders come see my space zoo AND use my world as their home if they’re not helping pay for it. If there’s a ■■■-for-tat system then they’re definitely welcome to visit.

Thanks for the answers @james, I’m satisfied.


The description of open private worlds satisfies 100% of my guild’s needs, thank you James!


So i have here some Questions and Suggestions

the following pictures are from the game Counter Strike:Global Offensive

###Find a Server
Is it possible to get a Serverlist from all Server (Official Public & Self Hosted Server)

  1. Find a Game [Spiel suchen] -> is atm the same like ind Boundless search a World
  2. Browse Community Server [Communityserver Durchsuchen] -> Here you can find all the Community Server from the Game, more in the following part of this post.

If you click the first time on “Browse Community Server”, you get a warning.

The warning tells new player that this server hosted by the community and they can be modified, but that you can make new experience on this server.

on the left buttom is the button never show this message again ^^, middle ok, right no cancel.

if you click on the left or middle button you get the Serverlist.

the server list is in my opinion very clearly, provides much information and has good filter

  1. is the Server Public or not -> in CS:GO you can save your server with a password, maybe this is a good second option to the whitlist form the Closed Privat Worlds.
  2. Public Server
  3. Closed Privat World with Whitelist
  4. Closed Privat World with Password (It is easier if you want invite a Friend to the Server)
  5. VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) -> irrelevant for the game, or did we get something like ? ^^
  6. Server Mods -> this icon is for server mod`s
  7. The Server Name, i think no explain needed ^^
  8. Player Counter (Actually on the Server / Max. on the Server)
  9. If the Map connected to the community markt, (the community markt is the place where player can show other player`s their own created maps in cs:go) if it connected and the map owner update the world, the server automatically update the server.
  10. Map Name, i think maybe here we should instead map name terrain information (snowworld,…)^^
  11. Latenz alias Server Ping (very Important), with a bad ping the game play makes no fun ^^
  12. some Tags form the Server owner. as example you can add here Guild Name if the Server hosted by a Guild.
  13. here you see the diffrent category`s, 10 is the normal Serverlist
  14. if you favor a server you can add it to your own list, so you must not every time search it new.
  15. History List ->I think every Player from this game know this Problem, you play on server and now you must go fast offline, and later you think this server was nice and i want play on it again, but whicht one was it. so you can look here and see it.
  16. if you had some friends you can see here on which server they play.
  17. here you can filter that you only see the server on which you can join.
  18. here you can filter that the server must have minimum 1 player on it.
  19. here you can filter that the server is not full
  20. here you can add the maximum ping which the server should have
  21. here you can add a region on what the server should hosted, maybe for Boundless you can add here if the Server is a german server or a english or mixed or any other language
  22. here you can search for a tag, like a guild name or if it is a rpg server, maybe some server still fun server like a server still as 1 big jumping puzzle XD

here a short version from the new question:

  1. Did we ge a serverlist for public server ?
  2. Is it possible so save the Server with a password instead a whitelist. ?

and here a short list for my sufggestion from the serverlist:

  • i will see if i can join the server or not (nr.1)
  • name of the server (nr.4)
  • information from the server like ping, player counter, game mods, tags(for userinformation) (nr.3,5,6,7,8,9)
  • i want add server to favorite and will a history to see on what server i was last time (nr. 11,12,13)
  • if i search for a server i want filter the serverlist for a specific server (nr. 14,15,16,17,18,19)

i hope i can show all what i mean with the serverlist for public Server and i hope the devs can make a serverlist like this


The main question was whether we can put a whitelist on rented servers that are connected to the main game or not.
So Closed Private worlds are still connected to the main universe? / You are able to transfer items from a closed private world to an official world?

Have you considered to approach this ‘from the other side’? - Penalizing hosting a Closed Private World over hosting an Open Private World? For example by lowering the resource density or regeneration speed on servers with a whitelist or making a whitelist a “pay extra” feature for servers?

In a game like B<, where the world/server switch is embedded into the gameplay (Portals) a table like that would feel a bit ‘out of place’.
Just imagine gettign promted with such a chart whenever you jump into a portal :scream:
So I think (and hope) that the B< server/world switching will be a lot more embedded into the game than the sterile tables in CS:GO.
They mentioned usable ‘world tokens’ for this application a while ago if i remember correctly


I’m personally not a fan of penalising players just because they want to play a little differently. Most players who want Open Worlds have good reasons for it, likewise players who want Closed Worlds. I don’t see either of these as bad - just different. I would predict that the majority of worlds will be Open to visitors.


how you want to join a server if we had no serverlist ? via a command line ? Or you want to travel throw maybe 20 portal still to play on 1 specific server ?

Do you know if we can make a portal from 1 privat server to another privat server ? i dont know it. and if the other server is a closed privat server with no portal ?

do you ever play cs:1.6/cs:s/cs:go as example on a gungame server ? every few seconds a player joined or left the server, thats no problem for a serverlist.

i dont say nothing against portals, i love portals for fast move between worlds. but you need a serverlist to join a server, or you know a other way to join a server ? i think you use every time a serverlist to join the server at the moment :wink: but the serverlist had no informations at the moment still a servername. i am still want for the privat server a second serverlist, but with more informations and a filter function. for a simple alpha version its ok for the start but later i will a better serverlist.

if i want play on a privat server i dont want search on maybe 20 or more server to find a server with maybe a desert or snow area. or a specific mod. i will not use my time to find a server, i want to use the time to play.

as example how often you read that a user ask here on what server people online ? i see it to often, if you had a serverlist with a playercounter no one must ask this simple question. if he want to play with other player he can fast join the server and have fun, on the other way he must ask in the forum and hope that anyone answer and this takes time, wasted time.

so ithink a serverlist with some informations is very important for the game.


They’ve been pretty keen on interactions between players. I’m guessing tokens and portals will be primarily used, as @Vastar suggested, to allow people to access your world. For example, if you have a Space Zoo you want to show off, it’ll be up to you to make contacts, share your token, maybe build a few portals in hub towns, etc.


Favorably by simply jumping into a portal that is “hardwired” to another world.

This (and other dev posts) suggest that rented worlds will behave just like official worlds. So I´d assume yes.

Yes I do, but the devs put much emphasis into guaranteeing a fluent and delay free transition from one world to another by simply walking through a portal. Prompting players with a serverlist would quite ruin that experience:

BTW: How would the portal know which world it has to display on the other side if you choose your destination after entering?

Definitely for all the disconnected, modded worlds that cant be accessed by portals but not for the “core” worlds.

Exactly, that´s how I imagine B< is going to be.


Also a server list would practically negate the role of a merchant that had to travel dozens of worlds to find the things he puts up for sale. Everyone could just jump to the world they need.

Not a fan of server lists at all. Not even for disconnected servers because they are, as the name says, disconnected.


yes but to jump in a portal you must be on a world ^^ how you join this world without a serverlist ? ^^

i stil have asked a serverlist for the privat server, the main universe still have a serverlist (the serverlist has no information like ping or playercount but it has a serverlist)


I´d assume that you just spawn were you logged off.


Yes you have asked an I have answered.

The main universe still has a list because we don’t have portals yet. It will disappear until 1.0 hits, that I’m sure of.

And as Vastar said, you will just spawn on one starting world and always respawn where you logged off. No need for a list either.


I like what @Vastar said, for once i agree with him.

One thing i am a bit worried though with that system though is a bit of… Unimportance? or pettiness some would says. But we know that we need Oort shards to open up a portal. You can argue that you are a moron for going somewhere without looking into it. But would there be a way to warn a player that the world they are about to enter uses white listing? imagine spending your last oort shards going to a new world to find mats and then end on a world where you arent allowed to build or harvest materials (worst case scenario) or do you think it wont matter?


My hope would be that you cannot open a random portal to a whitelisted or non-official world.

Would be nice if portal tokens had to be distributed for those worlds. Or to get to one, you go to a known hub and portal from there