Quebec Mall Hostage


I already contacted James, I’m waiting for news

Thank you guys


Well also looking at the guild tag they are on the same planet as you. Maybe they dont want the mall to keep expanding until it reaches them and they get absorbed by you seeing as that’s what happens with other malls.


Or they just block him so he is not overtaking them with Prestige, happens to me.


Oh god. I can make a hobo hut between you two and make you some salmon


I spoke to him privately a few weeks ago. And I told him to write to me if there is a problem. As I said, I play to have fun with my wife, not to ■■■■ off people

But there’s still nothing that prevents me from going to touch them right now … and I have enough blocks to overtake them


Chill. Theres no need for another show off contest.


Hope this gets fixed for you guys, I love Quebec Mall!
-DK of Legendville Mall and Ultima Mall


Sorry but that is a bad reason. If they have those concerns you do not try to extort coin, you try to engage in a discussion with the other settlement.


I really hope that this gets resolved. I just went to the mall the other day and the stores were all so beautiful.


Just keep expanding proactively in the meantime and plot the shop spaces. You may not get a timely response and it may escalate


This. Even if it does get resolved. Throw down a beacon in each empty space. I realize your mall has a free set up at-will style, but if you don’t consider changing that aspect this is liable to happen again and again. It’s a shame.

Hope everything works out for the best.


I have to transfer plots that way at the Sky Express for this very reason. I wish the devs would create a way to transfer plots that didn’t require both players to be online at the same time. That would put a stop to some of this.


Ok… I’m just seeing this and I have two thoughts.

First, I am the leader of iLLumiNaughty which you already know, and you could have easily reached out to me to let me know members of my guild are doing something “wrong”. I would always at any time be happy to take a look and see if I could help you. We only have one rule in our guild and that is “don’t be a male appendage”.

That being said, your mall has SERIOUSLY moved super fast right toward our city. I’m talking lightening fast… I know one member did plot across the water to prevent you from taking us over. The plots he placed were, at the time he plotted them, well enough away from your mall and were not meant to block or impede you, but rather protect our future growth and expansion for our city which has been here since launch. You have built right up to that wall, directly toward us when you could have easily gone the other direction… If these are the plots you are referring to, the plots will stay.

If the plots you are referring to are mall plots and they have yet to build their stores I would encourage my members to either build or give up the mall space. If the mall plots are for sale by the owners of the shop plots, I don’t think there is much to be done unless you previously had rules posted on what to do with mall plots… personally I think it’s up to the owners of the plots and a slippery slope when it comes to enforce the rules of the game. Yet, if it’s the latter, I would also talk to them and see if we can’t just play nice.

I’m not sure if these are mall plots or other plots you are speaking of, but honestly communication rather than making an entire guild look bad on the forum would be the best way to handle it.

I just think it’s funny you have this issue considering how CLOSE you have plotted your mall (beautiful on the inside, not so much from the outside) to us… please feel free to send me a PM if you would like me to check it out.

I would hope that people who read this post understand there are always two sides to every story.


I think that even showing guild tags is not generally good thing. I would censor all names that are related to players. Player models itself aren’t really super unique.

Hope you guys are able to solve problem. But I think these forum posts aren’t helping specific situations and should be handled with players and gamemasters.

When player make these area conflict posts, I think it would be better give some suggestions how to avoid these from happening and improve game system and keep these just examples of not wanted behaviour.


The mall has expanded and reached us. They have literally plotted right up to us although they had the choice to go in the opposite direction with nothing to impede them or get in their way.

However I don’t know the plots to which he is referring.


Please don’t destroy the mall.


Hi gina, I suppose we can assume this is not a guild thing (Illn) and I suspect that it’s not an intentional takeover by the mall. Although it may be an unfortunate planning and rapid growth situation. Would you and pass… be able to resolve this with the other fella in a PM? Perhaps add james just for transparency? Also, this will Im sure take a bit of time. But Im also pretty sure it can be resolved, you guys are both good people. My apologies if Im butting in where I dont belong, but I feel that these negotiations can be difficult with an over-large audience…


I like both of these players & the beautiful things they’ve built in the game. I hope neither removes or destroys anything. With that being said…

The plot system in Boundless is ridiculous! Maybe it sounded good on paper, or worked fine when only 7 people played the game…but it’s NOT working. I hate seeing people come to the forums because of plot issues. I hate seeing people rage or leave the game because of this too. This ■■■■ is stressful & exhausting.

I understand the devs want to allow organic “city” growth in the game, but it’s literally making people rage and quit. Out of all the games that I play, NONE use house/club plotting as a form of griefing.

Why doesn’t BL/WS make costumes, special block sets, pets, vehicles, etc their “moneymaker”? It’s a HORRIBLE idea to use something that people spend actual $$ on, as the thing that can be taken away, trolled, griefed, etc. No one wants to spend lots of time or $$$ on something that can be vandalized or removed.

Give us rental planets - for those of us that play the heck out of this game & don’t want to risk getting griefed. A lot of us prefer peaceful gameplay. If you want players to spend time & money creating things in your game, you have to do something about this. Plotting needs a RE-WORK. Or make only certain areas/planets plottable. < / rant >


Rental planets - amen.


Plot drama pretty much killed my settlement. Everyone I was playing left has moved or is taking a break. My brother has stopped building until we have space where we don’t have to worry about people plotting near us or harassing us about how many plots we have down.

These plot fights can be really draining.