Question 4 the Devs?

Will we see farming mechanics kind of that of minecraft were you have to grow and collect crops plus breed animals… I bileve this game has the potential to beat minecraft… and last in my opinion the grappling hook makes it too easy to move around I feel like there is no challenge to exploring… wI’ll we see something that changes that

I love the grappling hook! Don’t touch my baby! I said earlier maybe if the grappling hook was harder to get and it was costly to use. But other than providing great mobility I don’t see what’s wrong with it.

I guess that if it was really hard to get it would probably work… but ther has to be a way that it can snap nd then you would hav to find anither5

Farming I is one of the future goals.

Whilst the game is pre-alpha everyone is getting the grappling hook by default - don’t expect this @ 1.0. You’ll need to craft it.

Exploring the worlds in the future will not be trivial. We’ve a few fun surprises coming that’ll make it a little more challenging.


We should really just make a category where questions for the devs could be posted as it seems people have quite a lot of questions.

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Before the “ask Wonderstruck” category is created…
I will ask/hide this here

Will there be an all out server wipe before launch?


The current answer is that we’re not planning a server wipe before launch. But I would guess that somewhere between today and launch we’ll probably add a feature or find something that will merit a wipe. So far we have always been able to migrate the worlds when we’ve updated the game. (But this can get quite expensive.) We have not wiped a single world yet.

I think what is most likely is that we’ll add many more new worlds before launch, call them them 1.0 worlds. Then the question will be how many players want us to keep these pre-1.0 worlds online.

Options would be:

  1. Delete them - no one cares.

  2. Maintain them - lots of people care.

  3. Allow players to download them and play with the pre-1.0 worlds on their own servers.

  4. We have also discussed allowing players to transfer their beacons to a new world.

Let us know what you think you’ll want…

Thanks for the prompt reply to a potentially icky topic. Appreciate the confirmation of what I expected was the answer. As we move toward the tiered world system, I can see how hard it would be to preserve the worlds completely as is, for I envision there will be a need to redistribute resources and adjust and add biome/s diversity. fx Titan biomes.
So many have put so much time and effort into so many outstanding builds, that I believe I speak for the community when I say “Thanks for doing your utmost to preserve our efforts!” There is always option 3!
By transfer Beacons, you mean the content therein?

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Each world is made out of chunks (16x16 block columns). We can cut+paste them into another world. A player’s beacon would define the extent of any region we needed to “save” for each player.


I think the possibility to download the whole worlds AND to extract some chunks would be good. I don’t think that we need to keep all the worlds alive for the players, cuz that would have no effect on actual 1.0 gameplay and may be costly for you … may be you devs create a single giant museum world where you add all the different fantastic buildings made by the pioneers of Oort ;D

This seems like the best solution.

I’d be in preference of a full on wipe. I’d assume the world builder will be super crazy powerful near 1.0 with more features (I’m assuming monuments/temples/Titan biomes will be generated by the world builder?)
People will be annoyed, but this way they’d have to craft and work towards giant builds which can be much more rewarding mentally, plus we’ll get the features of 1.0 worlds.

P.S I’d be happy to build a tonne of worlds for 1.0 too, if needed.

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