Question about alts


I’ve gone and done the one thinig that I’ve NEVER done before in any mmo - made an alt character (Hunter). I’m not too happy about having to do so but hey, can’t be in love with everything about the game. I managed to get back to my Frost Palace (more like an ice box - it’s under construction) but then it dawned on me that it wasn’t my base lol, not my alts base anyway. So, as a mostly solo player, how on earth do I add my alt to my beacon so I can access all my stuffs? My daughter sometimes plays, but mostly at the weekend. I could get her to add me when she gets home, but I feel it really would be beneficial for solo players to be able to add their alts to their own beacons.


Once you have created your alt it will appear as one of your friends on your main character, and with your main you can give it permission on your master beacon


I’m pretty sure there is a way, it may be in the permissions tab on the master beacon.


You guys are amazing - thank you for replying so fast! I’ve now added IceMaiden to FrostMaiden’s beacon. And thank you to the devs for allowing this to be done this way. Very happy! :slight_smile: