Question About Living on a High Tiered Planet

Newbie question about living on higher-tiered worlds:

I’ve only been playing for a few weeks. I enjoy playing mostly solo, occasionally with one friend, trying to be self-sustainable, so at the moment we are not in a large guild. My main is just about to hit level 20. My 2 alts are level 17, so not too many hours yet. I’m pretty comfortable spending an evening on a T6 planet, gathering, mining and exploring.

After exploring quite a bit, I’ve found some really beautiful spots on higher tiered planets, and when I come back to my little three-plot base, I really don’t love where it is at. I’ve seen some amazing bases on T5 and T6 planets. I’d like to make a big base now, and I was thinking about moving my home base to a T3, but I’m not at the game-stage yet where I can maintain a portal.

Would this be a dumb thing to do? For example, it seems like every time I need a little extra copper or iron I’d be using double durability to get it. It sounds like more fun to be on a planet where the mobs are a bit more dangerous, but maybe this would quickly get tired. Jumping back to a T1 to farm the easy stuff would cost me a bit each time.

For those of you who live self sustainably, and exclusively on a higher tiered planet, T3-T6,is the added inconvenience mostly trivial to you, or do you think is it generally a bad strategy to do this early-game (lv 20) before you are willing to commit to maintaining a portal?

Just looking for opinions. I know there is no right or wrong answer. Thanks!


Hi, welcome!

I set up base on a couple of lower level planets when I first started up, and now I’m resident on Alcyon (the only permanent resident from what I can tell!).

I prefer solo, with a little interaction, so I think we coming from the same place.

If you set up near one of the portal hubs on that planet, or maintain a little portal to one (I think about 70 rough oort will last you 4/5 weeks, so not too expensive) if you want to be further away, you can have easy access to other planets without having to spend a lot on oort.

I wanna say mining on higher tier planets gets you more xp, therefore levels quicker, but I’m actually doubting myself with that now!


I had a base on a T5 planet. I would spend the coin (100c) to warp back to a planet hub and go to other places from there. Then you can warp home for free. That would be the cheapest way to get where you need to go if you don’t have your own portal.


If you don’t mind being alone and having to take a decent sized walk through a few jumps to take a portal network, high tier are pretty nice and I’d probably consider one myself.

You could always have a separate character for high tier vs socializing and such


Hello I live on Houches 1 only catch is being alone and the massive walk between u and society lol but I didn’t move to a high tier planet til I had all 3 skill trees maxed lol


Building main base to T6 at level 20 sounds painful, just because part of skill points need to be set to protection and progressing character can get much slower because it might not be possible to one hit blocks = character get xp slower rate.

I think having main base on high level planet can be cool, but there is negative sides on building when blocks require more damage and on past fixing mistakes was pain, now it should be easier but requires still certain kind of gear.

Less players around can be good or bad thing, but something simple as needing some basic item that is easy available on stores can lead portal surf hell that is not fun to repeat many times.


I lived on a T6 (Houchus, then Kol Huroo) exclusively for a long time and I’ve also almost always been pretty much self-sufficient, though I had some helpful connections at some points too. Like @fidach said, probably the most useful thing to do on a T6 for your own convenience is to have a portal to a local hub or just be near one.

For a level 20 character it could become a bit annoying to try and live on a T6 (mostly since points might feel wasted on atmosphere protection…), but I think it might be easier to look at it from a “means” point of view.

When I first tried living on Houchus, I was still very much used to only using gem tools sparingly. Iron Hammers and Iron Fists were my main tools for a long time; almost exclusively, I only used gem hammers for AoE mining trips.

I quickly fell out of that habit, since I was so close to gems anyway. I just started using gem tools, even unforged, for everything, and in fact still do despite having moved back to a T2 now. Either way, for all my time building/living on T6 worlds, I’m certainly glad I started only using gem tools.

I think it’s definitely possible for you to live on a T6 in a self-sustainable “solo” manner, higher level will make it easier/less annoying, but I hope you’d still use the economy. If you don’t, you’ll only be gimping yourself, really. And I say that as someone who has never made a lot of coin from shops.

One thing to note is that mining on higher tier planets generally yields more ore per seam. I recommend consulting this for reference.

Final point, on more difficult mobs and their annoyance; it depends how you make your base. For the most part, avoiding mobs during normal exploration/gathering isn’t too difficult anyway, but they tend to creep toward you when you’re building, in most locations; if you have enough area plotted it might not become an issue, or if you build high in the air or deep underground, you’re likely to never even have any troubles at all.


Really just depends on what your goals are for the game. If you don’t mind doing everything in hard mode, go for it. My advice, build a burner base on a T1 world that you will later delete, and add to your T6 base every week until you are ready to live there. Only thing any base truly needs is a portal to a local portal hub, and you could probably just build close enough to mooch off of someone else’s.

The T1 base is your “camper” until your “house” is built.


I started on a low lvl plaent like most got bored moved to a higher teir planet love it. Right now I’m mainly in legendville but still maintain a small base on houchus 1… try building into a mountain and expand from there

As XxymoxX said, set a “location” to a portal hub on the planet you wish to build on. 100c can be easy to get if you live on a T3+ planet since there are more valuable resources (ie gleam) you can either put in a Crysominter or sell to request baskets.

I haven’t done a lot of group play in a long time (outside of joining public hunts), and I live on a T4 planet. Those mid level planets are nice because once you can fuel portals you can make more medium sized ones for a larger number of locations if there is a place you want to connect to. The down side is lower level alts, and skills/plots around you to limit spawns, become needed to keep you alive at your house.

This is a good idea… that’s what I did to move to mcrib t6 (outside my region so periodically unplayable) pros: more resources, better landscape for the most part, and was the number one drive to learn how to forge. Cons: you have to sink points into protection and control, making changes to your base is either going to be more expensive or tedious, and there are less shops. Ultimately I ended up moving to a t3 and find that’s the best balance overall with the only real trade off being no more gems in the back yard

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Hey buddy,
I live on a T4 with my guildees, however that choice was so we could start our network for a lower cost.

If you are wanting to venture for higher tier like T3 plus but don’t want the Oort commitment then feel free to reach out and we can try find you a spot near one of hubs.


whatever planet you’ve decided to call home for yourself you’re more than likely able to connect a personal portal to one of the main portal hubs- Please let me know if you need a connection through the Holy Sorissian Expedition Hub anytime!


Go for it.

If you play solo you will have no issues other than dying a lot from creature attacks.


I’m kurious which planet you going to live on

My advice is if you plan to live on a t6, build bases first on lower tiers that are designed to build your t6 base. Actually living on a t6 isn’t a big deal once you get levelled up, but going there too soon can actually slow your progress. If you plan to go as solo as possible, I say more power to you. I honestly wouldn’t mind some prestige competition on Malurialakrib :wink:.

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My advice is to get a decent amount of plots and plot the area you want to live in if t6 planet so monsters don’t spawn right next too you lol


I wouldnt build a base there until you can handle the mobs there… its more or less hide n seek if you lack power against those.

Sure on plus sides it has it all… coal… ores… etc are plentiful at tier 6.
But then again so is the tool cost…
Also building is harder there as blocks takes more dmg when you place them.

I would say go for it…try it. Maybe you love it.

T6 has elemental effects so choose planet wisely cause youll be looking at that effect a lot


^^^ this

I tried to move to Norkyna…and my character is very tanky, and I was still getting beat up.

It was a humbling experience. I ended up staying on the T4, but am itching to try again soon.

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What buugi-chan says is true I live on Houches it’s always snowing makes difficult to build