Question about moving

I just started playing and have a very small base set up from the tutorial. My question is what happens to the plot if I decide to move so I get those plots of land back do I have to remove them with the plot remover? Also can I pick up my bacon and place it somewhere else? Now for the big question if I Find something far away from where I originally put my stuff down or possibly on another planet what’s the best way to go about moving all my machines that I’ve built there? How do you guys do it?

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You can enter the beacon options, then delete the beacon. It will give you back all of your plots. You can then break the beacon and pick it back up too.

Just remember to pick up any other blocks/things you want in your plotted area before you delete the beacon.

Edit: The way I do it, is I go put down my new beacon, and if you want that to be your new home beacon, then go back to the sanctum. And pop back to the home one. To get to your other one, if its on a different planet, use a portal that is close by to get to the planet, then pop back to the sanctum and open the portal to the beacon on that planet you wanted to get to, its only 100c

I hope this made sense lol.

Yes thank you so much

If you want to keep all your blocks, machines etc then you literally have to break them all down and take them with you. Best to set up a beacon and temp storage in your new spot first before you start moving then once everything is gone from your old beacon just delete it and you will get all your plots back.