Question about Test server - [Answered]

A few months back I leveled a character up to about 30 on the test server to help look at the farming stuff. When I logged into it today I had nobody, so I’m starting back at level 1. My question is, does it wipe everything on the server for each update?

It would make it much easier for testers to have some way to at least maintain your Umbris loot boxes so you can maintain the levels you achieved. Maybe I’m missing something?

No need just spawn yourself in exp loafs to give you levels on the test server :wink:

How? Is there a command line to do this?

Its in the debug menu, F1 or F4. Give item sub menu

Ahhh… Thank you! I’ve been doing this the hard way the entire time ><


F9 open give menu direct.

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Nice to know

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I think it’s only forged items you’d still have to make but you can use the f9 menu to give yourself everything you’d need to jump into it pretty quickly.