Question for Guild owners and owners of midsize to large settlements

  1. Assuming you prefer thematic designs, how do you balance the need of your preference vs what certain guild members want? Do you simply tell them that they need to build elsewhere if their vision doesn’t fit your vision of the settlement despite that this is a sandbox game?

  2. I’ve noticed some owners offer free plots for people to build their own place. How do you justify the cost to give this away for free? I’m assuming this somehow relates back to prestige or footfall and coins but my understanding of those mechanics are limited.

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  1. This is a problem. People certainly are limited by having to follow the rules. Chisel Town 1.0 was like that and I think thematic towns don’t work as a player city - if you really want to keep the them themed and full of players. These towns may exist but must be fully pre-designed and built by group of players. I think there is a middle ground. Allow players to build their houses but control the design. That way both sides are satisfied - players build what they want and you have control over the city. But if some player wants to build something that doesn’t fit your city simply tell him to build in some district of a city or outsidde of it. They can always link a portal if needed.

  2. For me it’s not about the footfall and prestige at all. We offer players free plots for time of the construction, simply becaone too many people start they building and leave it half finished.

If anyone plans to make a themed city these are my personal suggestions:

Collect as many plots as you possibly can and before starting, plot everything possible around.
Control who settles down by requiring a design of their building.
Provide a plot for construction and let them use their own plots only after the construction is finished.
Require access to every plot.

That will take longer time to fill city with buildings but surely will prevent bad designs