Question: How long will it take for the character races/combat to come out?

Well, i’ve been debating myself wether i should buy this game or not… it looks absolutely amazing and i LOVE the concepts the developers are coming up with, but its still a pre alpha and i want to be careful with my money…

So i have decided this: I will buy the game only after the character races or some combat will be implemented. it’s much safer this way for me :smiley:

So my question is, how long will it take for some character races/combat to be implemented? should i hold my breath or is there alot of time left for it to come? can i get some estimation as to when those features will be released?

I think it will still take a while till the character races will be implemented :confused: There’s a lot of modelling to do and they are working on other things too.

Some combat is already in the game so that shouldn’t be a problem^^ But yea races could take a while, and honestly most of us want crafting more than the races^^ (or at least we here in the forum)

I heard sling shots are in the game but i haven’t seen them being used yet in videos…

I think I have one up but it’s in german so it might not be too interesting for you^^

Well you can show me :open_mouth:
I wanna see how those sling shots actually shoot like

shameless selfpromotion incoming: combat video (Sound quality isn’t the best >_>)

Seems pretty cool but… what are those horizontal red lines that appear when you use the handgun @.@

I’m not up to date if they still exist^^ but at that time they just represented a shot as far as I know.
As you know no real textures are in place atm.

handgun doesnt exist anymore and then changed the slingshot so you can shoot 5 shots and then have to reload. it is really really early combat and nobody is using it, it was mostly for them to get started.

thanks for the update^^ totally forgot that^^

NP. the reload system is actually really freaking cool though,i noticed it randomly at one point when i was playing.