Question on mining rubies

I’ve been mining on vulpto looking for rubies for several days now, about 6 trips of a couple hours each, trying to spend most of the time around the lava under mountains but have not found a single ruby. I’ve traveled around the surface looking for higher mountains so I have tried 4 different locations. Am I just unlucky or are they extremely scarce to mine now?
I’m kind of new, been playing for maybe 6 weeks, and just explorering the forums more recently and I read that people get lots of Oort stones AND gems killing critters on munteen…is that the more efficient way to get gems these days?
As a comparison, I’ve spent about 6 hours mining on epsilo for topaz at around 110-120 elevation and only found 6 topaz. A very low find rate but better luck than I had on vulpto.
Which brings me to another question, is munteen the only place critters drop oortstones and gems? I’ve killed a couple dozen critters on vulpto in my exploring and not gotten any gems or oortstones.


that’s odd i find tones of ruby’s under mountains. sometimes it’s hard to make sure you are staying under mountains when under ground.
ruby’s spawn from lava to about 20 blocks above lava. i don’t know the exact cut off but when I find one I scour the aria and usually find more.
best tip i have is don’t forget to look up and use that grapple.


In answer to your question about monsters, your best bet is to go to a ring planet, like munteen, nasharil etc…

The planets which are tier 3 on this diagram.
So yes, monsters on vulpto should drop gems, but munteen is where I have had the best experience

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Rubies… unless it has been changed, will spawn from lava up to a max height of 50 under mountains… they tend to loosely “clump” in fairly large areas that are rapped in areas without them (prob because those areas are no longer under a mountain) they are more common the closer to lava. also the tend to be tucked in the “nooks and crannies” so it pays to be thorough (this is especially true for emeralds)

as @Jeffrotheswell mentioned it can be hard to stay under the mountains… one trick i use is to climb to the top of a large mountain and save the location… once you are in the caves you can set the location as a “land mark” (way point) to keep track of where you are at… if there is a good mountain range clumped together you could save multiple locations to help direct your search ^^

another trick would be to bring large amounts of whatever torch you feel is disposable and use them in a bread crumb fashion to keep track of where you have already been =)

it can take a fair chunk of time to find your fist ruby but once you do and learn their “personality” that time will drop (30ish mins i would guess is my average) once you do find some it’s a good sign that there are more in the area… i’ve never timed myself but i generally can get 90ish rubies in a mining trip in what feels like 2ish hours (conservative guess)


I agree with @willcrutchley here, Munteen is indeed the best planet to find oort stone and gems.

Mobs on Vulpto tend to be levels 3 and hardly any 4-5 level creatures anywhere, you’ll have a harder time fighting level 3 creatures for the loot you seek than fighting level 4-5 creatures.

And the way worlds generate material is based on how many is being harvested by players, the more rubies that are harvested, the rarer they become next time the world regenerates, and when players are lacking the ability to harvest rubies and can’t find any or very few, the world will begin to ramp up the population of rubies to allow players to collect again, this is a balancing feature which keeps players from flooding the place full of these expensive materials and destroying the value of them in the player maintained economy.

Just after I posted this I got an oortstone on vulpto (doesn’t it always work that way) from a roadrunner (first roadrunner!) so they do drop, but less often. I think you are correct the level 4 and 5 critters on munteen are more likely to drop them.

Thanks for the replies. I had a waypoint where I started and headed away from that, but I’ll try one or two centered on the mountain so I stay in the right area. Good idea on the torches, I do drop a trail of torches, but still get lost.

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Ah yes, also to mention Roadrunners always drop oort stone, but are rarer creatures to find.

And your welcome, hopefully you’ll come across the materials you seek for!

I used to go underground and get 360 rubies in about three hours. These days I’ll get about 80-100 in that time. They were changed / nerfed at some point recently, and I don’t know when or why.

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The devs can also dynamically control how much resources regenerate, to balance the market.

It would be good for the player base to know when it happens, however.

I used a waypoint on the mountain to stay under it and managed to find 12 rubies. I must have wandered too far off before. Thanks for the suggestions!

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