Question regarding Bomb mining after the patch

Gonna pull a quote before my question:

For those who have actually bomb mined rather than speculate, my question:

Is it a 100% chance to break the actual resource just like you would with blocks? Or is it based on some algorithm whereby iron is more likely to break than Gold? Eg; Iron has less HP than Gold therefore it is more likely to break within the radius.

If all resources are broken and treated fairly then RIP bomb mining. If it’s chance based, then bomb mining might still be viable in certain use cases.

as far as i was aware, resource blocks take about 2x-ish more wacks with a hammer to break than regular stone, so i am gonna guess that the health is around 2x that of stone too. regardless of the resource, they all have the same health as far as i am aware, unless they’ve changed something in the last patch

Edit: just read up on the patch notes, and DAMN, they did nerf it. i crai :sob:

Everything goes bye bye. Already tested it.

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Bomb mining for resources is dead atm. It appears that the resources will break at the same(ish) time as rock regardless of the type of bomb used. If you want a tunnel through a mountain or down to mantle and are not worried about which resources you break, go for it.

With some gem resources like Sapphire apparently have such a wide vertical range of something like 40-110, without bomb-mining to find them it could literally take hours to find a couple of dozen gems.

Maybe if we’re lucky and find some on a cave wall it will be a bit faster.
There’s only so much branch/chisel mining people will feel like doing before they get bored.

I feel after this update a 3x3 hammer might be only viable option for some gem resources.

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