Question to community - Website!

Hello, some time ago (a long time!) we planned to launch a website for our guild Chisel Knights. Plans have eventually changed but website remained.

So this website is in a very good shape, only some work remaining to finish it. I wanted this place to be a hub for amazing projects from boundless community.

It could work as a place where

  • we post blog news about things happening around the oortian worlds
  • players may add their events to the dashboard for all players to see
  • add their building projects to the list of all projects
  • people may access various calculators and spreadsheets created by other players
  • players may promote their guilds
  • players may access various discords of other guilds in one place

So basically here is a link Please don’t delete any posts :pray: I would modift it to fit new concept.
LINK front page
LINK This website has a built in, easy to use post editor for anyone to use LINK
LINK News example
LINK Player settlement example
LINK memento of players

Would you guys use this website, what do you think?

  • Yes, I’d visit it regularly
  • No, I don’t need it
  • It’s useful
  • It’s redundant

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Thanks for all feedback!


i like the idea.
also maybe there could be some kind of interview section or at least a bit of backstory about the projects .

cause i personally would like to know how people get these ideas etc.

we have calculators and such but its always good to have those.

Not super dynamic for mobile sadly

Pretty tho

What happened to CK?

looking clean, a little light on content of course but build it and they will come!
Is it a guild website or community website though? Maybe more emphasis as a place for the whole community might help it grow? :man_shrugging:

Game stopped being fun. People stop playing. Thats sad.

Karo surely can tell more but thats just my view on things

Would definitely be great for known and unknown building/chiseling guides.

Yeah totally, the sky is the limit. Actually every single place can have an extensive description, no limit on amount of images etc, players may add description of their own.

It’s funny how literally everyone who checks it says that :smiley: I left responsive design for later and focused on desktop first. Will improve it for sure!

It will definitely be a community website, not directly promoting Chisel Knights(I don’t even care about promoting CK), it will probably stay under this name coz after all we are all little chisel knights :wink:

Unfortunately that’s so true. People stopped playing one by one. We had over 30 people in a guild, now around 15. People left by various, mostly real life reasons. Recruits didn’t really wanted to stay, and most of them were super active for a week then became inactive for good. It’s still a great success we had this many members in such small community.

For me it’s kind of paradox that there are many many players who want to build a beautiful organised city, but isolate themselves from other groups as much as possible :confused: Chisel Town 1.0 didn’t succeed aswell. This town was beautiful but a ghost town. I suspect community just needs to get bigger to gather more people of common goal.

At this moment, not many of us are playing, most of chiseltown has regenerated, we are still talking on guild chat tho.


Ill be down building. Care to say lets do this?
Im so lost atm ingame so.

I belong to this small active guild (Stars Hollow United), we have a large city (on tana) but we are still a small guild, but like 90% of the time that we get a new recruit they are active for about a week, some less time and they just stop playing, a lot of them are new players that join us, help them out and stuff but they don’t stay long.

Nice site by the way👍

you can do like aquatopians build a new city where people can come and go as they feel dont make it into a guild and just keep the roads and functional builds to run the town under a few people who like to keep playing
works pretty fine for us

ever since we doing it more organized(means we own more plots) and more relax our town been running smooth and nobody feel pressured to do anything
but they still do alot though :smiley:
to be sucessfull avoid telling people what to do lol
suggest it (insert buugi comment)
dev’s should invent better reasons to have a guild cause now nobody really needs them also having a city kinda has no reason
beside trying to make it look cool
the website looks super sweet
i def post there
would even prefer it over the forum

aquatopians still preparing for the big wave lol
someyear :joy:

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