Question: what are you currently working on devs?

Because you love updates and releases?

when do you plan to release the world builder update and accept worlds again (I guess tthat’s the reason no new worlds came in the last weeks/months) :slight_smile: ?

Think I managed to say that without using the words “update” or “release”… phewie!! :clap:


The problem here is that we’re simply busy on other stuff. I’d personally really like to do another World Builder update - especially one that allowed people to view their worlds locally in the engine. But should we be delaying combat (say) to do this instead?

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it’s just that I want to play on my world but want to wait until you guys release the next update with gleam colors and the new grass :slight_smile: But I don’t want to stress you or anything just keep doing what you do :wink:

I don’t think delaying combat is a big issue since there is nothing to fight except maybe other players but the thing is I hardly ever come into contact with other players in game. But that’s just my personal opinion.