Questions about guilds and factions


so im getting pretty confused with guild books
so explain to me what do i need to do to get all the people in my town on the same guild
if aqua guild is linked to the aquatopian embassy
is it then inpossible to also linked our other towns to the same guild if embassy hit the cap
if my townspeople dont have gleamclub our the new players on there first days do i need to spend up all my factions to bypass the cap?
should i make each town its own guild
where do i use the buffs in a faction our on mainguild
does mainguild buff give buff to faction members?

like to add that i completly dont like that guilds can expand by using gleamclub members seems very wrong to me
more members -more points -more guildcoin -better guild is what im seeing could be wrong please convice me why

ow last question what happens with the embassy if i dont use guilds?
really could not apreciate that i told a new player to join my guildbook and the thing said no and added a ad to buy gleamclub common guys

now my friends alt cant join the book but it says it got room in the book this alt has zero guilds atm hes doing this


hmm, I would like to add, I joined a faction but it had me “join” the main guild too. do I count towards the total of the main guild if I align it as my “primary guild” or do I just count against the faction since that is how I joined? I don’t know which I would count towards the total for since I joined via a faction and the the parent.

I already have gleam club, and have no plans of getting rid of it so I realize in my case the point is somewhat moot, but we have had some confusing conversations about the questions mobius stated, and the faction/guild relationship.

Like I have aqua “main” guild the parent as my primary, so i think only what your primary is will give you buffs regardless if it is a main or faction. this allows you to have different buffs for different groups of players (builders might want block placement/no fall damage, but hunters want movement speed, etc).


on the patch notes seems to render my observations no longer up to date, please move along


i wonder how im supposed to keep track off who a good guild member and who not i would need to be able to see if people not playing etc

found solution i write them all on a wall with signs
and erase the signs each week whoever doesnt put back his name on the wall gets kicked out lol
need way to eliminate inactive members :thinking:
but then the settlement gets ripped appart
still confused lol


Don’t remove me! lol. yeah I know, trying to keep a guild more filled with active players is not going to be easy. I think it might be wise to split embassy off into its own guild instead and have the one you plan to build with the new planet be a different guild as well.

If the game gave us an estimate of when members were last online that could help guild management greatly. say within 24hrs, within 3days, within 1 week, within 2 weeks, over 2 weeks, and 1+ month.


flipped guild to aqua embassy tag AQUAemb
and made new unused guild with original name
i go from there lol


I think that is for the best right now. I know i’m not leadership or anything in aqua but I feel that is still your best option with the guild system we have.


Factions should be independent and able to leave main guilds without dismantling and having to find all their members. It’s confusing because members are having a hard time understanding the fact that you have to change your primary guild.

The game is too small and a lot of guilds only have a handful of members. As the game grows it will be even harder.

Let factions have the ability to leave as a group and join anew guild in an alliance.


Factions are a way of giving guild permissions more granularity, giving a group of guild members different permissions from another group, you use factions. Why would a faction need to be separated from the main guild?

And as for the original questions I’ll try to explain what I’ve noticed. It doesn’t matter if you align a beacon to the main guild or a faction, they still count as the same guild settlement. Guild settlements are simply a way of easy permission controls and protecting your settlement name from prestige takeovers.

The guild member cap is 100 + 400 gc members across all factions and the main guild. The way it worked was that each faction had their own member limit, but

Fixed guild membership limit workaround using factions.

sounds like it’s not like that anymore.

I’m not 100% sure about buffs since I haven’t played with them myself. What I can say is that one of my characters is in Ultima main guild, the others are in Ultima extended faction but all of them are still getting guild buffs from the main guild since you can set the main guild as your main guild even if you’re a faction member. So you get buffs from the guild you set as your main.


So my town is to big? Unless people buy GC we’ve been stopped? From now on new players need get GC to join the town that is a full if faction don’t count for settlement then this sucks big-time hope dev reply then I can stop guessing


Afaik, yes. I haven’t read an explanation why the member limit is so low in the first place, since the game promotes the use of alts and plots are often divided between them. A 100 member limit can be reached by 10 players already. Make it count only accounts and it’d be a lot better. If the reason is the helix coin sink, make it scale with member count. The current system makes no sense when the buffs are only on a few top guilds, if I want to keep the buffs, I can’t join a smaller guild as my main. Small groups should still be able to have buffs, this is how Guild Wars 2 does it. The current state of guilds encourages weird behavior.

You could also un-align the beacons and use the normal settlement system, but you’ll have to keep the highest prestige to be the warden and keep the town name under your control. This also removes the guild tag from the name obviously.

Factions DO count for the settlement btw, I’m not sure what you’re saying there.


Ow they do well all my info comes from non dev’sources what’s that quote about then? @Mayumichi


Do you mean the “member limit fix” quote? It’s linked in the second reply already, comes straight from the patch notes. Questions about guilds and factions


Yeah saw it did they add what it meanz
? Just wonna play game not studie it each month sigh…
Edit=moved topic to support


As for guild buffs factions gain main guild buffs if there are no active faction buffs. So if you were to add a buff to the faction they would no longer get the buffs from the main guild. But after the timer is up they would get main guild buffs when new timer starts for those of you didn’t renew faction buff


Yeah I noticed even the game itself calls them “overrides”.


@AndyD can’t ya write a basic tutorial to cleur up some off my questions? But noob proof


Jiivita video on guilds seems to cover pretty much everything. Maybe it might clear up some of your questions.


Jiivita’s video does an excellent job of covering the Guild system, but just to confirm:

You MUST be a member of the main/master guild to join a faction. The guild system will automatically join you to the master guild if you’re not, and release 217 made improvements to the message shown on the Join button to explain if this joining is not possible because the master guild is full. However I notice in the last screenshot you shared there’s nothing displaying on the button where that message should be. I’ll take a look at that.

There was a bug prior to 217 that allowed you to ignore the main guild cap by funnelling joiners through a faction (which erroneously ignored the main guild cap, then deleting them from the faction, leaving them in the main guild only and making space for more joiners). That was not intended and is now fixed, which means that the membership is effectively capped by the master guild.

Mayumichi’s explanation of factions above is spot on. They are indeed intended to extend permission granularity, and also to extend control over guild buff application.

Buffs are provided by your primary guild only (and only if applied AFTER you made that guild your primary). If your primary guild is a faction, however, you will inherit buffs from the main guild that are applied to buff slots that are inactive in the faction. This allows bigger guilds to apply shared buffs across all/most factions more affordably, at the cost of limiting the number of faction specific buffs available.