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Why doesn’t the OFF TOPIC catagory posts show up in the list on the forum? I like to keep track of some of them and respond to ongoing silly stuff! Is it possible for an option for it to show up in the regular post list?

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Well you can see it under new or unread at least^^
Btw, is this a suggestion?^^

Because people kept spamming Off-Topic with stupid things like ‘‘Stop! help me find my hat’’ and ‘‘What is your lunch today’’ etc etc. they flooded the forums.

so they hid them, simple, i do however wish there was a toggle if you wanted it hidden or not, however im not sure that discourse supports it.

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You can do this by tracking or watching the category in your preferences (at the very bottom). It may end up being overly spammy, though (I think it’ll end up notifying you for each topic)

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The Latest view is configured to remove the Off Topic posts. (I can’t remember exactly why we did this, but I remember setting it up when we launched the new forum.)