Quick ways to get XP that don't require a sapphire hammer and 7k coin?

I need to gain 2 levels fast.Someone please help?

just crafted and melted stuff
I think earthyams are the cheapest when you have to buy something for it

want a few free t5 gleam hammers?

Extract essence or Oort shards

Make Oort Shards… make a poop ton of glass and essence… craft rock…

Smelt trunk to charcoal

Also check the journal…often you might be really close to completing a task in there so it could take very little to trigger it completed


Solo t5 meteors on teaching pie, takes about 45 min of hunting for 2 levels.

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Throw down 10000s on machined iron

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Just check through your storage and craft any thing and everything you can.
Cook your earthyams, turn syrup and glossy berrys into invig stew in the furnace (I only just realised I could do this and made a couple of SSs of em hahah)
And extract anything you haven’t already.

Also, instead of paying 7k for a hammer pay 7k for a s**t tonne of rock from someone selling super cheap (like .25 or .5) and refine them while eating teaching pies :slight_smile: