[QUITTING] please pass on your goodies to a good cause!

yeah not me I’m here until the bitter end and will do everything in my power to make awareness for boundless just because there’s no communication or updates, for me the game is nice as it is.

this comes to the question I have.

I know people moved on and quit for different/many reasons.
I don’t like to see people quit for any reason, the game has so much potential!
BUT! if you plan not to come back to boundless are you willing to donate your items to a good cause?
as most of you know I stream boundless and boundless alone.
which I very much love doing!
I don’t like to see the items in reclaims and not being used anymore.
it would be nice if we could pass on the items to other players to make their playtime easier.
this means they got more time to do other things.
so I ask you please pass it on, if you do not plan to come back :slight_smile:
you will have your name permanently added to the wall of donations until the servers close their doors

I will be giving away the donated items while streaming boundless

and this way your stuff gets a second chance or even more!

#every little helps


That seems the reasonable thing to do, but I think those people hold onto stuff on the off chance they MIGHT come back.


oooh, I think it’s fair to keep holding onto stuff if there’s a possibility of return, that just means they have not given up on the game just yet, which is good!

It’s mainly for those that really quit and see no possibility of returning to the game.
that is just a waste of precious reclaim stuff. and its good to bring it back into the market

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Im in the middle of opening a new location IRL, and it’s looking like the next year or so might be a little hectic- effectively removing me from all gaming for the duration. In that case I would be happy to donate the hoard and not let it go to waste, I can always grind a new batch.

Hell, I’ve often thought about just setting up a shop with hundreds of empty baskets to take all colors and blocks/mats. Call it “Rage Dump”


I did this when I quit playing. Donated about 30m of stuff to guilds and went on a spree buying out random people on dk mall- then donated that stuff. Kept about 20% of my stuff just in case I come back


Classic, Can i have your stuff post, love it

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I’ve done this once and helped out a great community member!