Radio/music for stores

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I was thinking could it be nice to walk In someone store that has great music playing I think it would be nice what do u think???


i guess it would be possible if they did it minecraft style where you could play the game soundtrack via disks or something but to play legit music would be inpossable unless it was royalty free.


Yea or boundless can put a playlist of different music that u can choose from


As long as we don’t get Christmas music in November!


Gangsta rap in my animal parts store!


At risk of offensively stereotyping I’m sure there’s music for rock, metal and herb shops :wink:


I got some good bob marley stuff and if you of the newer generation, we can play some Doobie :slight_smile:


I’ll do 90s old school music in my store


Royalty free, it would have to be.
but imagine:
An in-game midi sequencer for creators to compose stuff on discs/cassettes/records. Stores could have a player machine that could play the music within the plot they’re in. If “equipped” the disc acts like a mobile player with a durability loss over time. Maybe it can be forged for a small buff (grapple length, extra dmg, etc.)

It would probably get old fast but I’m thinking about a hunt leader broadcasting “Flight of the Valkyries” to everyone tracking them. All tracking are included in the small buff.


I think you should just craft whatever supplies you need for radio and the radio stationcould be called boundless tunes or whatever then that radio station has diffrent songs or tunes of genres of music you can choose from that boundless creators choose.