Rainbow event forever


Personally, I believe the rainbow event should stay forever. I sincerely believe that it would be a nice addition to the game and it would allow us to have access to all these beautiful colors and accumulate them to be able to make more interesting constructions.

In short … I would really like that


As much as I would kind of like to agree with this… there are a few problems I see with it.

This might create a problem for normal hunting as a decent amount are now the rainbow ones. and they don’t spawn the type of mobs that give the drops needed for forging and other uses.

Due to how competitive this event can be in a group function with random people, i don’t think I would want to see it around all of the time. This might create burnout in large groups after awhile.

And lastly, right now. This is the only thing that haves the Potential to inject some rare items into the economy. which is something I think the economy needs. Now this may or may not be undone whenever the devs put in that dye thing they might have hinted about. But right now I feel this is a good thing to have some of the colors be rare.


I can see the “loot box” in the meteor giving out gleam or not from the planets colors. On the “pinged” hunts I’ve been on the groups separate when a gleambow meteor falls even when everyone says (90%) it’s a regular meteor hunt. Easy fix would kind of make t1-2 planets have the gleambow meteors. So it is separated and easier for everyone.


it’s not false. But as Morey523 says, the developers could adapt it a little better to the game. As in the t1 and t2, it’s a good idea i think


I think all the colors will be available through farming once it’s released. So sell that gleam bow mats in the nearish future because it’s value will go down (in my opinion).


Yes “maybe” … it would be nice because I love all these rocks and all these woods … but what can I really do with this quantity apart from showing them?


Yeah I’ll sell mine once event is over and the price skyrockets and before farming makes all of them possibly. Play the market


I know I’ve gone to make things before in refinery and the mass craft takes the color of the first “stone-wood” for the whole mass craft. Do you think that’s still possible with the new colors?


Yeah i know a few people planing on doing that. I’m saving up what I can, keep what I like, and sell the rest once its over.


Yeah that’s what I’m doing. I’m basically using orange and the closets to oort shards and hording the rest till price is really high


I can’t speak for others, but i know personally that the only way i’m gonna get these gleam colors from other players is by trading colors i don’t want.

Given how many id need and how high it would cost in coins, i feel most people would likely just wait it out for farming. I know I will be anyway


Perhaps these new coloured blocks are what are needed to kick start the dye system that’s been hinted at, so rather than go down in value they could actually all become really valuable, even the sand, gravel and foliage blocks as maybe they are what are needed to extract the first set of tints from. … or they could all just be worthless :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t worry. In the near future we will have unstable worlds with all sorts of new colors on them.


Well as much as i do like the event.

I hope these colours are exclusive to this event.
Cause people have been asking rarer items in the game and this could be one of those things.

Im a collector. I like to collect stuff more than craft it. So im a bit bummed if these colours are going to be in farming update


What colours you are seeking?


I agree with you that there must be rare things … but there must be a happy medium in my opinion. If we keep the rainbow … it would be a happy medium. Blocks can be rare while having a minimum of accessibility to be able to build something with

Sorry if my english is notre good :smiley:


Mostly darker greens and black gleam, personally. Also “red” so i can use it in making PS logos ahah


I also have been wondering about ways to keep the meteor variants around. I don’t think you can permanently dilute the regular planet spawns cuz the portals must get their oort and different meteor types require different player loadouts.

With exoplanets it might be cool if each exoplanet had a specific meteor type. That gives the rainbows, snowballs, etc a chance to stick around more permanently without having to fully compromise their rareness. It’s something in the middle


excellent idea! let’s go with it! (Or on the t1 and t2 or just t2) :sunglasses:


They’ve already confirmed that all 255 colours will be accessible with farming, I think :thinking: Can’t find the source now though…