[Raken] --[T5 Burn Exoworld]-- [Last Seen 20th April 2019] Landscape


Can you give the color name i will update the block color section ?


Sponge - Stale Moss
Mud - Shadow Yellow


Personally I have more problems with the atmosphere colours and ambient lights in higher tier planets than the block colours most of the time. I do feel like colours on planets could be complementary colours more often than just similar hues. For example I dislike mining on Malurialakrib because all the rock is similar hue and quite dark. :confused:

One reason I liked Therka a lot during pre-release was because all the colours felt “right” and were good complements to each other, but I suppose maybe that was pure chance; though I don’t remember having a beef with most other pre-release planet colours either. As I say, it’s dense/intensely coloured atmospheres that tend to bother me. :slight_smile:


if it’s not done, i suggest you create a subject (which could be pinned) and list all the exo in alphabetical order with links to the topics you created

it would be great @Gorillastomp


Great idea, i will do this later today. I can’t pin it unless someone do it but having all of them in a single topic would be great and easier for later research.


@Gorillastomp i will add tints for those later today!


Surface Rocks
Basic Boulder - Dark Yellow , Night Green, Dark Turquoise, Shadow Yellow, Warm Yellow, Silk Mint
Boulder Tower - Dark Mustard,Dark Turquoise,Silk Mint,Warm Yellow
Tapered Boulder - Silk Mint, Dark Mustard
Beanstalk Boulder - Dark Turquoise,Silk Mint,Warm Yellow
Boulder Chip - Dark Mustard, Silk Mint

Tinted-Burst Fungus - Deep Yellow
Mottled Tar Spot Fungus - Dark Yellow
Clustered Tongue Fungus - Dark Green
Glow Cap Fungus - Deep Yellow

Oortian’s Staff - Strong Violet
Desert Sword - Strong Lavender
Trumpet Root - Strong Yellow
Spineback Plant - Strong Slate


Thanks! I have updated the post.


To expand it might be good to have a separate subforum (category?) for this altogether.

Over time this could become quite a catalog of planets that have come and gone.


Has this planet expired yet?


in theory should be tomorrow


cheers mate :fist:


i am adding the date in here i will add it to the planet info as well i think.