RAM-usage after minimizing

After I minimize Boundless the ram-usage start to grow after ~5 minutes and don´t stop befor i maximize it again.
I using Boundless in windowed-mode.

Are you running any applications in the background?

Just reproduced it. Start game, go into a world through sanctum portal. Hit F11, minimize game, and watch how your ram get eatean away. After restoring game from taskbar, ram usage goes to normal (in my case about 6.8 GB private bytes) and you see Unplayable Connection popup in right upper corner.

Nothing special. Discord, Chrome, Steam, Team Speak, Telegram and Whats App.
Boundles must be minimized if you just tab into another window nothing happens.

Does your performance steadily get worse?

No, normally boundless use 0,6-1,5 gb ram and I have no problems.
sztosz describes a good way to reproduc it

I can also confirm this, just sitting in the Sanctum (windowed mode as well).

As for performance sluggish-ness - yes, as soon as the RAM usage takes off above ~1.6gb, other multi-tasked actions are lagged: browser updates, moving the mouse, etc.

On occasion, Task Manager will also list Boundless as “not responding”.