Random AOE Boon (Discussion and Suggestions)

If I ended up with random aoe either from free forge fails or super cheap like 500c and under I used them as clean up while mining instead of using the 3x3. Otherwise they’ll make you some coin back from the minter


Yeah just mint it…or deconstruct…and just don’t make it

Trust me I don’t. Too many materials go into forging to waste it on that boon.

What do you mean random AOE boon? Like the cross/all around boon? where it hits more than 1 block? If so this is huge for mining… if you have not used it. I think you are really missing out!!

Random aoe is rank 5 you never know the amount of blocks it will hit when swung

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No man, it’s awful.

It doesn’t clear an area, and it doesn’t always make a pattern you can move through either.

In several hours with these tools (mainly axes and hammers) I can tell you it averages less blocks harvested than cross AoE and it gets in it’s own way.

Feel free to try this random AoE hammer I’m giving away.

It is slightly more useful than a single shot hammer, but it’s still irritating if you like to dig clean patterns or make tunnels you can walk through.

Hitting this boon means you’ve over forged the item.


Edited original to reflect I was talking about rank 5 AOE. :smiley:

Besides the tier 5 AOE being random and 100%, I had expected it to at least hit 5 or more random blocks, but it seems to hit less than 3 every time. So annoying…


I would be repeating to say its an over-forge, keeps you vigilant when making tools, should be used as an offhand lootmagnet etc… it has one thing going for it though compared to other aoe’s; no damage loss… So thats ‘nice’… not quite a throw away, i would offhand it to whack other stuff as it lasts long and doesnt need dmg buffing.

TL/DR AOE5 is the signal to use decon resin.

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I kindof like the possibility to “screw the item by overforging”. It would be too easy without the need for Gums and resets after you set your initial boons.

And if the ratio of destroyed block would be slightly higher (by my experience it destroys 3-4 block per hit) it would even be useful.


That I guess is my main concern. The rank 5 basically is something everyone knows to stay away from. Wondering if that was always intended or if it needs to be reworked.

Didn’t even realize this because I think every time i forged AoE 5 the tool already had damage forged onto it. So… :frowning:

Luckily i haven’t done it much.

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I can guess it is intended for beginners. It may come handy without the need to hassle with multiple gums and ranking up Damage. But if it would be too useful it would be overkill for experienced forgers.

Thing is that probably no beginners forge.

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The purpose of the random AoE boon is meant to be a punishment for overshooting the sweet spot. The purpose of forging is to be inconsistent and give you a headache. And when players figure out a way to consistently craft what they want, first time every time again we’ll get punished with another forging “rework”. This post sounds way more bitter than I intended, but being able to put in a dollar and get out 4 quarters goes against their “vision” of how the game should be played.


I think that if that’s the reasoning behind it, they should really do this will ALL multi-stage boons. Rank 10 dmg and you get a -25% durability thrown in etc etc.

Otherwise it’s needlessly incongruent and confusing.

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I always likened the forging system to that of your standard MMO mob drops… you put in some effort, grind a few mobs, defeat a special/rare/end mob and you get a randomised loot drop… not always what you want etc.

The “vision” was in pounds and pence :laughing:

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So now that we know we should clear the gums and/or stop leveling aoe at 4, they’re going to do a forge rework? Yay finally :smiley:

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No it’s still unpredictable’ish to get max forge with no negative attributes. But before the rework somebody cracked the code and figured out super-easy ways to get what you want, hence the post forging re-work world we live in today.

Isn’t it possible atm to get a max forge with 0 quirks/defects with the right deck? Expensive, but possible.


It’s just unlikely, not impossible.