Random AOE Boon (Discussion and Suggestions)


Of course these stats are all rng based(due to hammer and area instead of just area). One time you could do significantly worse and another significantly better. I wouldn’t even call this an average since you only used 1 method per hammer. So these are still rough estimates in the grand scheme of things. And I only say this so a newer person that might be reading this understands that. I know none of the vets need to be reminded of that.


1 more hammer, i normally go through 2

Edit: @Nightstar but also keep in mind, i usually go through 2 hammers in 30 minutes, this time i went through 3 in almost 2 hours. so the hammers lasted almost 4 times as long, but it took 4 times as long to get the same amount of gems. So it evened out and is generally =

Which is why i think it is an okay avenue to go, if necessary. It netted about the same amount, for only the cost of 2 extra pies and 6 more brews. The hammers were 1 more, but lasted 2 hours instead of 30 minutes.

The random boon is definitely less effective then the all boon, but it isn’t all worthless i think. It can still be used to effect


You are totally right, it’s not a large enough sample size to draw conclusions, but gives a rough idea that it is possible to use them and still net a profit from them, even though they are tedious to use and more resource intensive. Plus it takes more time.

But yes, 3 hammers - 1 per method is not statistically viable, but I was not going for a full mock up. Just wanted to see if it was possible.

i would say its reasonable to sell them for 1-2k just to cover costs of forging, but also gives a somewhat forged item to someone who may need it. It’s still better than a blank hammer in my opinion.


I agree these are only rough estimates. My gut says that the results would be similar if size of testing was increased though. I feel like if you extrapolated this data and compared it to a larger test size the results would be slightly off but follow the same trends. Honestly though I feel like this is representative of a everyday mining trip, in regards to testing.

While I can’t argue there is some RNG involved i have to say much of this game is RNG when it comes to mining gems.

Plus I wouldn’t want to be the one to use that Random Hammer to get a bigger sample size. XD


I will say after using 3 hammers in a row and 2 hrs of my life using random effect, I would like to see the number of blocks hit increased on AOE 5. I think I saw only 2 blocks breaking at a time, I feel like that is low for the amount of resources put into the hammers. And really sucked haha

Maybe increase the blocks broken to a range of 3-4, so it’s not so painful to use and more viable if made


Also, time aside that +2000 durability hammer is the same durability as 2 of those speed hammers.

Did the other AoE5 have forged durability as well?


They did, but at + 800 dur


Good catch. Did some quick math to check the durability difference versus yield and it actually looks like method 1 produces the most yield all things considered. Without a yield for the control 3x3 it is hard to compare but we all know the yield is lower for this boon.


So 9600 durability vs 4000 for roughly the same loot.

EDIT: BTW someone came and took the free one. No doubt, for free it’s a great hammer lol.


Yup, a big difference in durability loss. I think if the AOE 5 boon was increased for the number of blocks hit, it would be nice. When I was mining, it seems like the hits of the hammer created a drill like effect. Where the middle block or target block was always hit and then one block would be hit in a spiral effect each time. To me it looked like a drill.

And it seemed like only 2 blocks were hit, though it was hard to tell.

Definitely not optimal, but it did technically work


I just did the math for sapphires which (I KNOW) isn’t complete, however, when you do the calculations it comes out at follows:

Method 1: 882 sapphires by 2800 durability yields 0.315 sapp/dura
Method 3: 1024 sapphires by 4000 durability yields 0.256 sapp/dura

So by these calculations Method 1 is slightly better with the numbers being what they are. The RNG of the Pies throws it off a bit but honestly it is super hard to do controlled testing on this subject. We are doing the best with what our awesome volunteer @molav gave us.


Honestly the amount of time AOE 5 hits only two blocks is a bit rediculous.


Far as I know it’s 1-9 blocks it can hit. But if you’re not 1 hitting the blocks that can be troublesome since the second hit is not guaranteed to be the same as the first. But yes it tends to hit 1-3 more often than not from my experience with them as well


I was single hitting and breaking blocks, it might have been that anything more than the second block was hidden behind others when breaking, so I only ever saw two breaking at a time.


Yeah I’m not surprised that it ended up the way it did; was still hoping for an upset for AOE5 though.

Guess next up I’ll have to make something that can 1shot t6 seams. Might need a field reporter for that one @molav :yum:

Edit: *awkwardly packs away stand full of AOE 5 tools


Sure, I am willing to test items out for you!


Gonna bump the thread once to see if there is still interest, if not I will let it die.


I think the AoE boon is the worst and there is no data I have seen that it isn’t anything other than a mechanism to slow down tool production.

The forge itself is convoluted, counterintuitive, and frustrating. The whole experience was designed by an architect from the Bad Place.

I would rather wear a diaper made of scorpions than forge again.

I hope they fix this.


:joy: Well we now know firmly where you stand on the issue. XD

I don’t mind the forge so much, at times. Sometimes it really upsets me and other times it’s super fun.

Honestly I feel like it could use some tweaking here and there. That is one of the reasons I made this post to see if the developers would get into the conversation and ask for some ways that we, as a playerbase, would like to see things change. Specifically the forge is what I am trying to open discussion about here.

Thanks for your thoughts :grin: