Random Deaths

So this has happened three times now all to the same character random deaths out of no where.

First time it happen had full health stepped out of sanctum into my base and as soon as i went through the portal i died for no reason.

Second time it happened i did not have full health but i died again going through a portal cant remember any more details on that death.

Third time just now was in a a gleam farm getting gleam with full health and some how died for no reason.

This has all happened in the last two days now has anyone else been having random deaths? Or is the Boundless Grim Reaper just out for me…

If you get one-hit the log won’t show what killed you.

So it sort of depends on your character level and all but I remember going crazy when i was new because I kept dying with no explanation on T3s.

One day I had a friend with me and he told me it was a hopper. Playing without sound I had no idea that one had crept up on me.


I’ve never died going through a portal, but pretty much every time I do go through one my health goes down by like a third for a second then back up… always just thought it an odd glitch. Not sure if that could be related at all


The last time it just happened i looked at the video and i had almost full health was getting gleam in a protected farm so no enemies could get me I throw a regen bomb and as soon as i let go i died

Yes I do im am a player who has been playing since sep.6th 2018 so i know all about how the game works

You know, I feel like I’ve had a couple random deaths as well.
My problem was that I was idling looking away from the screen then out of nowhere my character fell over dead.
Both times I was underground mining, pretty sure there were no gaps to let creatures in.
Log also didn’t say what killed me.

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Depending where you are standing when you throw that regen bomb it can push you into a block and cause “fall” damage which will kill you. Happened to @Ratchel a few times when I was helping him farm gleam

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Dying from fall damage should produce a log message saying you hit the floor for X damage though

Even if that is true you still should not die if you have most your health and have skill that add health to your character. I had almost full health and regen did not push me into any block the bomb went off in my face and i died you should not be able to die from a regen bomb going off near or on you as for as I know.

The more skill points you have in health the more damage you take from fall @BloodRaven56

And @DreamEvil one hit kills don’t produce a log far as I knew. Never showed one when it happened to @Ratchel but I saw what happened and know he died from hitting a block.

Did not know that about the fall damage being more if you have more health that seems to be a punishment for having more health points. But any ways i did not hit anything to cause fall damage like i said the regen bomb went off in my face and i died i have watched the video of it and i died for no reason

So there was no blocks whatsoever around you that you may have brushed against? It happened multiple times in a row to ratchel (I was the one throwing the bomb he was hammering away) after they 3rd or 4th tike I told him to move back slightly and it stopped happening. But he was no longer getting moved by the gleam being regened. So from his view he saw nothing wrong but from mine he was getting hit by the regen blocks and hitting a sloped block on the ground.

Yep it’s true what he said

So I just, uhm, randomly decided to test this fall damage thing … Totally voluntarily :wink:

If it kills you in one shot the log doesn’t say it.


It wasn’t fall damage that killed me though i died throwing a regen bomb and when i let let go of bomb instant death

I had that happen once. Jumped down a passage that had trampoline at the bottom. Halfway down, I died in midair. Looked around at the walls. Nothing sticking out, no blocks missing.
But it was like fall damage killed me. And no log of how I died…

There were a couple of past forum topics where players have experience situations of losing health for no reason.