Randomly swapping factions


I am in Portal Seekers, and thursday even US, I swapped from normal to builders faction.

I did this before they reset the buffs. Friday after they did the buffs, I was back in the normal guild again.
Just thought I had confused myself and not really did it, I just ignored till next reset.

Last night in the middle of building, I all of a sudden swapped buffs, and had the builders buff and showed me in the right faction that i applied.

As of 01 minutes ago, I am back in the main one again.

When i went from main > faction and back to main, I have the correct buffs per guild faction/main I was in.

What in game info do I need to supply? I will submit gamelog.

Edit: I swapped my dext last night to get in line with the buff. I now dont have the points to go back.
Bought skill cleanse points. Yall owe me 300 cubits :stuck_out_tongue:


As of now, I am back in the builders faction…


@james would be the guy to contact for those cubits… but i didnt say it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Guild Directors & Execs (possibly Membership Controllers too) have the ability to move players into factions using the Guild Control … In doing so it changes your primary guild to that of the faction. I wonder if it’s possible they were having a shuffle around when this occurred?


I was in communications with 1 of the vets most the time. Can you be shuffled and not lose buffs? Though when you swapped like that the buffs wouldnt be active.

And the builders faction isnt that full. So I am pretty sure it isnt the problem.


Well after messing around, It isnt so random. It swaps from main to builders faction everytime i log in and/or go to sanctum and come back into game.


Of the current guild / faction that you’re currently a member of, how many members are Guild Directors / Guild Executives / Membership Controllers? Do you know if any of those were moving members around at those moments?

Also, when you said ‘from main to builders faction’, do you mean the Faction was called ‘Builders’, or were you moved to the faction but have the Guild Builder role still assigned to you?


@vdragon We were not moving members who were not already director or controller level.


Every time i come into game with that character, I go from main (No faction listed below guild name) to Builders faction. which changes 1 buff activated. I get the correct buffs as it changes also.

(Builder faction is supposed to be my primary)


Thanks for the replies. May I ask what the name of the affected character is? Is it the same as your forum username?


Yes the character is “Unciviled” I submitted a game log yesterday also. If that helps.


Cheers! I’ll pass this over to one of the software engineers if there’s anything odd going on.


The engineer wants to know if you had received any notification chat messages around the time that your character ended up swapping between the guild and the faction.


I have no idea. I swapped from main to faction right before i logged off thursday. So i literally swapped to the faction, and logged off within 5-10 minutes of that. Ended up playing that alt later Friday night, at which time I noticed I wasnt in the right faction. Cant remember getting any notifications.


If you see it happen again, could you check the notifications just after that moment?


See it again? I am confused…

This happens literally EVERY time i log on this character. It starts in main guild.
I have to go back to sanctum and reenter the game. 2nd time I enter the game I am in the building faction where I am supposed to be. This isnt just a 1 time thing lol.

I just checked to make sure It is still the same after update and it is. I still swap everytime the toon enters the world.


I meant to say to check if you get the notifications after it happens again.


When i enter in the building faction, I have that quirk purple sparkle thing. When i enter in main guild I dont sparkle. Thats the only difference. No notifications.


What happens if you manually switch your primary guild to a different guild? Does the switching still occur?


I dont want to check, then ill lose my buffs till friday evening. I will try this that morning though.