Rare Monsters

So this is something i think would be really epic to have. Rare monsters.

As an idea there could be several rare monster who could easily be one of the normal protectors just bigger, with a small recolor and then increased stats, maybe 1 or 2 extra abiltiies.

something along the lines of them being really hard, like require 4 - 5 people to take down or an extremely good high level player, the monsters would drop materials that can ONLY be gotten from those monsters and the different types drop different kind, so the brute rares drops really rare gems/ore, the spellcasters drop really rare cloths, and the faster drops really rare leather, and then it would be random spawn of the different kinds, but there would always be 1 rare alive on each world, no more, no less.

that way if people enjoy the challenge they could form small hunter teams to spend time on finding the rare creatures and getting the materials who then in turn would be extremely valuable.

am i the only one who want something like this to really make the best materials feel rare or are there others who would be up for the idea?

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Rare bigger and tougher enemies are allways a good system to add some special encounters without designing a lot of new skins or animations. Some extra abillities would also enrich the experience, of cause. But I think they should be beatable alone, but with a much more dangerous fight and some tricks (not only run at it hitting until it falls like a stone).

it seems that no matter what i propose i can never get something nice which cant be soloed -.-’

For team only we will have the titans … let the rares be realy tough (deadly) but not imposible to solo :wink:

but i wasnt even allowed to make titans non solo able -.-’

but yeah. then just make more so they are still kinda rare but not impossible to find. gotta go. will be back later

Wait for the devs creating them … I think you then will have the oportunity to laugh back at them ;D (I hope)

May be the rares get even more powerful compared to the player at higher tiers … so that you can get them in the low worlds, but as higher you go, as more you feel the pain in the ass :wink:

Basically if I can solo it, I’m in for it^^

Or have all monsters have differing rarity values, which would modify the % chance to drop the items you can get from it, and some of the rarer ones being able to drop special items.

Rarity could be determined by how colorful a monster is:
Common would be greyish, and the rarer it is the more colorful it is.

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You also could shrink or enlarge the creature next to give it another color. On this way it would also be visible if you switch of name tags or if those only are shown on focusing the creature :wink:

Maybe if there was a craftable item that would act as a sort of HUD scanner which would allow you to see footprints of creatures of a specific rarity so you could hunt them down.

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Sounds great, but like a dream that may be coming to the game a long while after release :wink: … But tracking would be reeeeeaaal cool ^^

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As far as regular monsters goes (everything that isn’t Titans) I know there needs to be a certain amount of variety, but rather than making a ton of different monsters, I want intelligence. I want the monsters that do exist to have habits, I want them to react intelligently, to fight uniquely, to know that they are small and can escape through one block high exits or know they are agile and leap to greater heights knowing you would struggle to follow. I want the soloist to be aware that they aren’t very strong by themselves, and the team players to understand that victory comes from working in sync.

If rare monsters do come into play, rather than make them a different color of the rainbow or getting larger, they should gain something more physical like a third horn or spines that are nonexistent on its lesser counterparts. Let the hunter make the mistake of thinking their prey was the same dim witted dinner.


Well. thats some pretty complicated AI. but i talked some time ago with james and he said that they will not be stupid, they will not just stand and take a beating.