Raw Teaching Porridge and the Sugar dilemma

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Back with another question that is likely me just missing something!

I have access to basic food recipes, namely the Raw Teaching porridge. This porridge requires a bag of sugar which can be refined from syrup. The issue is however that the recipe to refine syrup into sugar is part of the advanced recipe set.

My question is if this is intentional or if it is a known bug? As it stands now I picked up two recipes and one is unable to be crafted due to lack of knowledge of a single subcomponent.



Developers try to promote transactions between players, they are intentional


I completely disagree. I don’t think it’s intentional. Hopefully they will fix it an a balancing update.


Hello! I see you are trying to cook! If you do not wish to buy or invest in the skill points I can refine sugar for you if you want, all I would need is the mats from you. No payment required :3 I’ll make it for you ^^ that is if you need some, I don’t mind helping out ^^


same here, the Forgotten Kingdom of Cog is at your disposal!


Thanks, guys!