Reached MAX experience, no reward


I reached MAX experience level from level 50 without getting any additional skill points, plots … nothing. Really disappointing :frowning:


You would have got some plots… Unless it’s broken?


No, I don’t think so. I did not notice any message about that, but I am not 100% sure.


How many plots do you have now?


494, and I have allocated 384.


It should just be a few, but you are meant to get a few plots. There should have been a “level 50+ reached” message with “+10 plots” or something like that. It’s definitely 10 plots tho


The last time I reached 50+ it said I received +13 plots which surprised me because I was expecting 10, but I thought I only had around 320 st level 50…I should write down more of this, but then things constantly change…


Plots are nice, but I really want more skill points. In the future I will need skill points for atmosphere protection, lance and bomb mastery, rage/focus and new crafting skills. “I want them all” :slight_smile:


That is what alts are for, you cant have everything on one character :grinning:


Well i think the devs said that there are going to be a rebalance on the skills when thay have released more skills. but now you got the weekly respec and that will help you aim in on what you need :slight_smile:

ive played sevral games that have a low max lvl. i dont play the game becaus of the lvl i play the game beacus of the game and commuity. and so shuld you all.


I think the current crop of MMOs out in the wilds have conditioned every rpg player out there that levels are everything; and starts assuming so for every game out there thats has a level. Being at the max level is all that counts. Although, it is only partially valid for the case of Boundless you can’t really stop them from having that mindset either.


OK, if players shall specialize their skills then there should be possible to trade beacons. That way a builder could sell their creations to hunters.
I think that every game should have something that motiate the player. It does not need to be increased level, but it has to be something… Maybe that you could reset all your skills each time you reached MAX and try a different skill set…?


If you think about it, that is kind of available now. I can not build anything for ■■■■. However if for say knightsb is an excellent builder and offers his services, then I could tell them what I was looking for and he could come up with a sketch or creation I liked. Then I could add him to my beacon in order to build the place and remove him once he is done. That is based on if I have the coin for his services.

Someone did kind of build a table and some chairs in the middle of moebius plaza which I thought was hilarious and awesome.

I am going to guess that the devs have plans later on for things like that. We just have to be patient and see what unfolds and give feedback based on that. I used to be an “endgame” person in WoW. Did the raids for gear, min/max, etc. I gave up because it’s not really fun anymore and the headaches dealing with people sometimes was too much for me.

Now I play for fun and if I want to get new gear or whatever, then i do it on my schedule. I understand everyone may want something at max level, but always becareful what you wish for.