Rebalancing guild members limit


thats a good point i was seeing it form the fact that the guild would be able to maintain the game chager buffs like builder and death reduction easyer but yea there is no way i think to lock a guild unless you change it to manual invite so yea thats out the the guilds hands if they get a bunch of GC people


OK so lets drop the guild part and make it 600 for everyone. So if the average player has 5 alts then you are talking about 120 players. This is only 20 above what they allow now and hardly the majority of the players (assuming I am somewhat right on the number of alts the average player has). So I would think this is not a big deal. I do think it would be better if the players that want higher guild limits can provide a number to the developers, but I would think they are not going to raise it again and again and again. So we might want to be happy with whatever is proposed.

This could be combated with protection zones if they release those. But I do understand the desire to keep your name and not be absorbed without permission that is why I think they need to do protection zones.

As someone that values the effort the players running the portal networks put into them, I do understand the need to keep everything running even when someone is away for a while for vacation or whatever reason. Could this be better handled through better permissions or is there an aspect to guild alignment that I am missing?


not really just the recent change made this a lot tricker pre GC bouns you had the 100 members per guild per faction now its 100 across the broad so how we had it before lets say you are somewut new to PS and a new world appeard and you wanted to be the gateway onwer for it no big deal you would join the gateway owners faction and algin your beacon to the guild then give control of it to the guild so that anyone with the right perms could handle it pre change that just ment 1 less faction we could use for “overflow” members now if that person needed to join and we where say full we would have to kick someone form the guild to invite them in case’s where we are at this we may just have to start haveing the current gateway onwers eather buy plots or use alts already in the guild to deal with new gateways.


the current cap system just restricts are old method for dealing with ploting gateways for new worlds


And as players (hopefully) join the game and more planets spawn this becomes more of an issue for a portal network trying to cover all the planets.


exactly the old cap system was better atlest then we could guarantee growing room for new gateway owners with the faction cap being its own thing


So maybe argue for bringing back the faction cap as its own thing and eliminate the gleam club/ nongleam club distinction for character counts?


Increase the cap just a bit (to 200?) but make it count accounts rather than characters?


I am not sure the developers can count accounts. But lets say they can so 200 players could be about 44.8% of the players playing right at this moment. . should a single guild be allowed to be that big? Even if half its players are not playing right now. . then 22.4% of the players playing right now. If you limit to characters (assuming each player has an average of 5 alts) then only 8.9% of the current players could be in one guild.


Can I ask why would we even have to limit the member count? If everyone wants to be in the same guild, why aren’t they allowed? It can already be circumvented with overflow guilds, so it wouldn’t really change where people want to be.


Then what is the point to guilds if every player and every alt is in the same guilds? Just add the buffs to the entire game and be done with it. I have never played a game where they did not limit guild membership in some form or fashion. Not saying there are not such games, and I certainly have a limited knowledge of all the games out there. So you are going to allow every person in the game access to guild storage? I would not support allowing no limit to guild membership.

I am used to guilds being a group of players within a game with specific goals and play styles. They group together for the common good to fight off other guilds, pursue their common goals and to build the characters of the members in the guild. I have also seen games where you could not be part of more than one guild and at least they have allowed everyone to be in up to 10 guilds.


I agree there will probably always be a limit for technical reasons, but the limit isn’t why people aren’t all in the same guild. People join the guild they want to join.

I am used to guilds being a group of players within a game with specific goals and play styles. They group together for the common good to fight off other guilds, pursue their common goals and to build the characters of the members in the guild.

The limit isn’t what makes the statement above true, they have nothing to do with each other. The current guild system actually is enforcing the complete opposite of that statement. It makes me want to be in a big guild just for the buffs, but I’m not that interested in participating in that guild.


This was a concern noted by some before Guilds launched.

I think the solution is to limit 1 buff for each Guild then.


I will agree with you. The current system makes players want to join a guild with the buffs they want the most, not who they want to play the game with.


@Kal-El Oh and what is guild storage?

@MinerDiggerMan Please no, the buffs are awesome, what would that accomplish?

Buff costs scaled with member count would get rid of both problems, no? The buffs aren’t the deciding factor in what guild you join anymore since small guilds can afford them as well. The coin sink stays the same. Guilds still have incentive to kick inactive members so they don’t start paying extortion level buff bills, they don’t stagnate and bloat.


If the issue is everyone wanting to join the same guild, but the system can’t handle everyone joining the same guild, then by limiting the buffs to 2 max instead of 3, it would incentivize people to create their own guilds with their own specific goals.

The game should have “Fighters Guilds” “Builders Guilds” “Gatherer Guilds” etc.

Instead, all they’ve done is create a system where people just want the buffs and to join a Guild that takes zero effort to get the buffs.


Yeah the design has some problems. I personally don’t think limiting the buffs more is the solution though. And factions can already have a different set of buffs.


Well, if this is what you worry about, i suggest dev remove the buff then.
For most guild, members limit > guild buff function.
Guild member’s limit is really basic thing. I think a lot of large guild already feel “inconvenience” about this small number of limit. For buff, they really don’t need those buff to run the guild. If they have to make a choice, i think they will choose to remove the buff and increasing the guild member limit.


Well, i mean if they have to choose between.
But to be honest, i don’t think increasing the member limit even with current buff setup will cause any unbalance.
Forge System already screw up entire economic, and most people can still live with it. i really don’t think this guild member’s limit increasing will make everything worse than current situation lol.


If someone is joining a guild just for the buffs, they are joining the guild for the >> wrong << reason, and this is exactly why I was against guild buffs in the 1st place, it corrupts the meaning of what a guild is supposed to mean.

They should remove guild buffs, make them personal buffs, with personal buff machines, undo the questionable GC ████ that I am sure is related to this, and make the member cap something more reasonable


to be fair tho every MMO has some form of “guild buffs” be it guild housing, storage etc